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  1. Mr OTO is your best friend to use in case you put the fastest finger request to book the weekend days off. For myself and other colleagues who worked on this job hated it and OTO as much as they could.
  2. After moving up from XX, you have possible chance to pick rdo relief jobs, XL or VR. If qualified for 2 years, work trains. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.
  3. A reminder for the supplements for both division. If your job has an early report, make sure you check the sign in sheet if it added. You could use the slip to bank as OTO to use at a later date.
  4. Road posting is your preview what is like going alone as an XX on board or assigned job for the day and learn what to write on the overtime slip. Remember, crew office could give you a partial or full job when you are on board, always put your deadhead/traveltime from your last clearing time. If someone wants to pull a trick on you on deadhead, bluntly to say it is coming out of their pocket, ask them to speak with the crew office. Any "no lunch" claims while you are working, you put that as well. Keep a little notebook for each day you worked and track down your own overtime hours. It is your time and money.
  5. Signals: 1) Miscelleaneous signs; 2) Flagging; 3) Audible (Horn and Buzzer); 4) Fixed; 5) Hand and Light. Any these will appear on the signal exam.
  6. Anyone going to the A division, enjoy a large portion of grade 'A' rice with beans, some plantains with baked or fried chicken with a soup and salad on the side by New Lots Station by the bus stop.
  7. The truth is train operator must get permission and establish positive communication with supervision making these wrong rail moves. If no communication was established, the train operator must stop and stay!
  8. There has to be a marker signal to define the limits of train movement and an absolute stop and stay. Even the crew did not get emergency communication from Control Center, they must call via the wayside, platform or token booth phone for permission.
  9. It is $32.49/hr for starting road pay. Looking forward for the retro check at end of this month.
  10. If you are extra board and picked up a job with an early report, the board time will fill the time you report to the early report time the job you picked up starts. Always check the sign in sheet on the reporting time vs the supplement. If it does not match, put er and the interval you made out on the slip. Any late clear on the supplement that it is not on the sign out sheet you put that as well with the interval you made out. For example, you could 2 overlapping supplements at the same time because 1 has an early report and late clear G.O. and another has a running time adjustment in effect until further notice. The A division daily supplement s 60 on 1 to 6 lines has the early report time built into the sign in sheet. The 2 line had a midnight G.O. where the early report was not built in to the sign in sheet. Always check. It is your money.
  11. I missed during schoolcar was the Spanish food down by New Lots. 6 bucks for full of food during lunch. A steal to eat.
  12. Crew office has mercy over XX and if the crew office asked you to pick up a whole job and wanted to do a partial job most of the time, they will remember next time to give you the full job to cover without being on board. It does not make sense if they paid you 4 hours to be on standby and doing a trip to come back to sign out at the extra board location. This time is the best time to make the moolah because most people are on vacation. Strike the gold while it is hot!
  13. Reasons for late clear is a must, for example: flagging (location), interval from departing terminal due to ....., switch or signal problems at where..., inclement weather at...., RCC asked you to call them back when you are the arriving terminal. G.O. Late clear (943): put acct number, supplement number and G.O. Number Include any late layups, car washes, relays you might pick up.
  14. Bank your OTO! A minute adds up quickly to 8 hours. It is your money earned from hard work and do not forfeit it. Do not let anyone try to steal your deadhead time as well when you are road posting.
  15. Foreign investments are propping up properties at high alarming rate for their children to study here in the city.
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