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  1. If another department at your job does poorly should your department be denied a salary increase?
  2. How are you grading train operators and conductors performances? By your train being late?
  3. Cleaners, Conductors & Train Operators have no control or say in "weekend contruction" or any other general orders for that matter but we should take the heat for it? you ever think about how a general order may effect the life of a transit worker? I bet you don't the people who map out these things are making triple what we are but you wanna go in our pockets, ok im not complaining about the raise just making a point
  4. What does late trains have to do with the employees who are in Local 100?
  5. If you're moderating a ghost town it doesn't make sense to further isolate the 1 of 10 people posting here over a comment that literally hurt no one
  6. Sounds like the new contract made it so all of us get the pass now
  7. Nice, good luck w everything bro, wish you the best
  8. Oh ok I see, I was asking for the actual test score though If u don't want to share its cool I was just asking out of curiosity
  9. Isn't it 4 weeks after 3 years and 5 weeks after 15?
  10. You can't say all you need is high school diploma for sure, DCAS is no longer doing the testing, there's been rumors of the requirements changing so nothing's set in stone for sure yet
  11. been on board 3 times last week, sat for 8 house twice and got a half trip on the other, i think i start on board monday too lol
  12. Kind of outta context but I didn't wanna make a new thread I see us newbies got a raise from 19.47 an hour to 20.25 and hour What is the new pay scale for the next 3 years after the new contract? And yeah I got in before 5 years became top pay - Sent From My iPhone 5 Using Tapatalk

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