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  1. If anyone is on the R62A 2074 is out right now currently at 33st toward flushing
  2. The Way its looking like before the summer...
  3. Hmmm still wondering why it left the and now on the
  4. Just caught R142A 7750-7754 on the if I'm not mistaking that set is from the
  5. the R142A's were considered for the but since there were clearance issues with the steinway tubes and also correct me if im wrong but someone here mentioned before that Corona wasn't equipped at the time to maintain NTTs so they ended up going to Westchester Yard instead Wich is why at the time the R62A's had to leave the till it was time for them to return back.
  6. You sir love to complicate things more then what they already are...
  7. ehhh...that didn't stop them really from doing those R32/R38 mixes as well as R40M/R42 ones
  8. Just gotta wait for them to go in service in the near future and find out....
  9. Iv pointed out that R62A's 1651-2000 should be on the and 2001-2475 on the (excluding the 10 cars for the shuttle). I have been noticing lately alot that Westchester Yard have been removing some of the Led lights off on their R62A's , It seams like eventually that they will all come off if this is the case...
  10. Oh well it doesn't matter what we think it was logical for the R62As to return to the . I was saying for future reference if a swap happened there would be no NTT on the since westchester have enough R62As for service. If you think about it the used less trains then the
  11. You do notice that Weschtester Yard have enough R62A's for the by itself right ? ,So if a swap ever happened between the and there would be no NTT's on the .
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