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  1. Standard industrial warning of Youtube clips... http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 Not a huge amount of intrigue this time around, but alas... Firstly from only a few hours ago, 2 EMD Class 66 diesel locomotives from GB Railfreight (66778/775, among the last delivered from the US to the UK) pass by on a charity railtour. Whilst EMD 66's are also the mainstay on engineering trains throughout the UK, other train classes are in use on such duties, including the Class 70, although their use on the West Anglian route is a rather blue moon occurrence. The tradition of the loud Class 37 sets on Network Rail test trains has also continued.
  2. Place standard warning of small mass of Youtube clips here... http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 So after a fairly busy few months, here's some of the more usual (and unusual) findings... One day in November saw a one-off appearance by the nicknamed 'Pretendolino' set on transfer between depots from Norwich Crown Point to Plymouth Laira for refurbishment and cascade elsewhere in the country. The UK railtour scene continues to provide interest, with Class 57s acting as regular diesel performers on such duties. Steam trains also continue to old their position on tour workings. Test trains have also continued to make regularly scheduled runs along the West Anglian route, including an uncommon appearance by the Class 950 inspection unit. As units continue to hit their mid-life refurbishment dates, transfer trains are used to move sets between depots. In this instance however, there was a unit lacking... The weather in the UK always seems to be a bit wild, fog in these cases...
  3. Service Change Posted: 01/01/2017 8:04PM Due to hanging wires at Junius St, some northbound trains terminate at Crown Heights-Utica Av. trains are running a single track operation between Junius St and Sutter Av-Rutland Rd in both directions. Trains stop at the southbound platforms at Rockaway Av and Saratoga Av in both directions. Shuttle buses are running between Crown Heights-Utica Av station and New lots Av, making train station stops. Expect delays in and train service in both directions. Allow additional travel time.
  4. Standard warning: Fairly large number of Youtube content may follow... http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 So as another summer season and a few more months pass by in this little corner of the UK, let's pick some of the more interesting things out... As said before, the summer season is coming to an end, which in the UK means we're back into 'leaf-fall' mode, requiring the use of Railhead Treatment Trains across the network to combat 'slip-slide' track conditions. In the weeks leading up to the season, stock moves to strategic locations with the water-jetting wagons often take place as below; Moves of Southeastern units from their natural habitat to the northern railway hub of Doncaster for refurbishment have continued, as this example is taken past the huge Westfields shopping centre at Shepherd's Bush, West London. Class 37 locomotives continue to provide the power (and noise) factor to Network Rail test trains, in a practice unlikely to change any time soon. The occasional appearances of railtours have also continued along the West Anglian route out of London, now how cool would it be to go on that... Special liveries on EMD Class 66s continue to make for a varied scene on the network, quite a few of them having passed my locality in recent months! The large variety on engineering workings to/from London also continues to bring up all manner of odd and interesting formations.
  5. Warning: Large number of Youtube content may follow... http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 So here we are again, June. Where at this precise moment of typing, it's currently raining, quite windy and generally unpleasant. Or the British Summer as we prefer to call it... ...But anyway, the railway moves along regardless of weather, so here comes the latest selection of common, uncommon and usual items from this little corner of the UK. Though lack of finances and adequate time have prevented a trek to London recently, I'm hopeful of one within the next few weeks. Any content from then will of course be shared with the world. First up this time, we see what is to become a regular working along the West Anglian line out of London over the next 6-9 months. With the closure of the Gospel Oak - Barking line to traffic for electrification works, this has resulted in the diversion of 1 solitary freight working onto the route. The semi-regular appearances of Class 37 diesel locomotives on Network Rail test duties also continues to provide both interest and noise value, with heritage livery examples also beginning to appear on the workings. The occasional railtour, making use of the rather nice Pullman coaches has also continued to feature. On this occasion both diesel locomotives in use are also used on the Royal Train. Closures for engineering work on other lines have also seen other workings take a detour off the beaten tracks, with this particular working being diverted away from the East Coast line. And then of course there's the regular mix of engineering trains, conveying everything from track panels and ballast wagons, through to cranes and rail replacing equipment.
  6. Warning: Large number of videos... http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 Where does the time go? Not that long ago we were in December, and now you mean to tell me it's near the end of March?! Madness I tell you, thankfully the rail-bound action has been equally as fast-moving as the days have, so let's go... In a slight variation to the norm (and variety is the spice of life right?) we go over to South London to see a Class 375 EMU being dragged back to its owner Southeastern after a refurbishment at Derby's Litchurch Lane facility. Another unusual move that made its way around was an appearance of the latest generation of diesel locomotives, the Class 68, see usage on Network Rail test trains. The clip proceed to show the first occasion of 68s visiting the West Anglian line. A further strange move also brought the first ever appearance of a Class 70 along West Anglia, in this instance a Colas Rail branded one. In more common workings, and despite the use of newer Class 68 on Network Rail duties, the older (and louder) Class 37s continue to make fairly regular showings. To keep running on the theme of unusual stuff, a strange variety of track machine is seen here. Container workings on West Anglia are usually restricted to overnight diversions, though in this instance one was diverted during daylight hours. And back onto some more usual fare, as the constant run of weekend and overnight engineering trains continues at apace.
  7. Service Change Posted: 01/16/2016 7:33PM Due to an unruly customer at Marble Hill-225 St, there is no train service between 168 St to Van Cortlant Park-242 St in both directions. As an alternative customers may take the Bx9 bus service to 228 St and transfer to the Manhattan bound BX7 bus service where they may can catch a , or train at 168 St. Allow additional travel time.
  8. Warning: Large number of videos... http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 And here we go again... The fall months of October, November and December sees the return of the Railhead Treatment Trains (RHTTs) to the railways of the United Kingdom. These trains operate with either sand deployers or water jetting wagons across the network to assist with adhesion (slip-slide) conditions associated with the autumnal months. Following on from last year, freight operator GB Railfreight was chosen to run the West Anglian RHTT using a small group of Network Rail water jetting wagons and a selection of their EMD Class 66 fleet. The weeks and months leading into and through December also begins to see railtours return to the forefront, including usage of steam locomotives on some tours. In keeping with the constant upkeep of the network throughout the year, engineering trains also continue to run in various consists to overnight and weekend work locations. And to close out this post, something from a recent outing to London, where an EMD Class 66 diesel passes through the quiet Walthamstow Queen's Road station hauling mostly(with the expection of 2 vehicles!) empty automobile carriers.
  9. Service Change Posted: 08/28/2015 1:11PM Due to signal problems at 34 St-Herald Sq, the following service changes are in effect: train service is temporarily suspended in both directions. Northbound trains are running with extensive delays. Some northbound trains are running on the line from Jay St-MetroTech to West 4 St-Washington Sq and then running on the line from West 4 St-Washington Sq to Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av. Some northbound trains are running on the line from Bergen St to Court Sq and then via the line to Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av. Expect delays on the and trains. Allow additional travel time.
  10. Warning, lots of content http://www.flickr.co...ransportphotos/ http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 So here we go again. Its been a while, then real-life does tend to take priority these days. That said, there's plenty to share from this small corner of the UK. So let's go... Whilst the sight of EMD Class 66s of various operators are a common sight along West Anglia, appearances by Freightliner examples are excessively rare, meaning that the only way to see any examples normally requires being elsewhere. Here 2 of the class passes through the busy (but constantly cold!) station at Ely, Cambridgeshire and Woodgrange Park in East London. Continuing with the 66 theme, Deutsche Bahn branding of various sorts continues to appear on former English Welsh & Scottish freight engines. A good amount of the relevant 66 fleet now carry DB logos, though some have received full Deutsche Bahn livery. The 2 extremes of the branding can be seen in action below. Railtours and excursion travel also continues to be an attraction on UK rails, for passengers and enthusiasts alike. DB Schenker Class 67s a normal choice for the 'British Pullman' workings seen below. Class 37 powered Network Rail test trains also continue to play a regular part on the West Anglia Main Line. And the usual mix of photos to finish. Hopefully the next update will come about a bit sooner than this one has done!
  11. Service Change Posted: 05/25/2015 4:02PM Due to switch problems at Canal St, the following service changes are in effect: There is no service between Euclid Av and 168 St in both directions. Southbound are running on the line from 42 St-Port Authority Bus Terminal to Jay St-MetroTech. Some southbound trains terminate at Church Av. , , and trains are running with delays in both directions. Allow additional travel time.
  12. Warning, lots of content http://www.flickr.co...ransportphotos/ http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 And here we go with the first official update of 2015, with the local railway scene giving up some good items during the first few weeks of the year, with new EMD Class 66s for freight operator GB Railfreight (GBRf) numbered 66752 through to 66772 (a majority of these have/are being built at the EMD plant in Muncie, Indiana) now entering squadron service on various GBRf duties. Some items of the latest arrivals in action can be seen below. A further item of note here in the UK is the gradual emergence of the logo of the German national rail operator Deutsche Bahn on their DB Schenker freight fleet. A sizable majority of their engines still operate in former English Welsh & Scottish Railway colours, whom they took over operations from. However of late, some locomotives now carrying DB stickers on their fronts and sides, alongside EWS livery. The West Anglia Main Line has also played host to some interesting movements, with 'light' locomotives. test trains and machinery making moves along the route And to finish, a few items from the usual passenger train selection
  13. Service Change Posted: 01/26/2015 7:14AM Due to an investigation at DeKalb Av, the following service changes are in effect: There is no train service between Brighton Beach and Bedford Park Blvd in both directions. Northbound trains are running on the line from Dekalb Av to 34 St-Herald Sq. Expect delays in train service. Allow additional travel time. Service Change Posted: 01/26/2015 6:43AM Due to signal problems at Smith-9 Sts, northbound and trains are running with delays. Some northbound trains are running express from 4 Av-9 St to Jay St-MetroTech. Allow additional travel time.
  14. http://www.flickr.co...ransportphotos/ http://www.youtube.c.../welovechannel4 It's Christmas! The end of 2014 is in sight, and what a busy year it has been. With more trains than ever to see, and new equipment to bed in ready for 2015, it's been an intensive last couple of months. The fruits of this work (the better and more interesting items, naturally...) can be found below, with the full selections available on the usual web links. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, see you on the other side...
  15. Service Change Posted: 11/16/2014 12:31PM Due to FDNY activity at 4 Av-9 St, and trains are bypassing 4 Av-9 St in both directions. As an alternative, customers are advised to take the B63 and B103 bus service. Allow additional travel me. Service Change Posted: 11/16/2014 12:01PM Due to NYPD investigation of a customer injury at 167 St, there is no train service between 145 St and Tremont Av in both directions. As an alternative, customers are advised to use the train making nearby station stops or the Bx1 and Bx2 buses making most station stops in the Bronx. Allow additional travel time.
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