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  1. It's my birthday today. And I got the great news. Got my phone call am in there this Thurs for final step and was given a start date of June 17th. Thank you God. What a bday.
  2. Finally movement went in on Thurs May 16 for the second time did drug test again. And filled out more paper work. The next class starts 6/17/13.... Praying I make that class
  3. Idk. That's the info they gave me. She said "hired"
  4. Called today last #hired was 961 ???????????????? almost up to me.
  5. Nothing yet for me. Went for drug test in Feb
  6. Has anyone from 2/20/13 drug test been called yet?
  7. Am in the mid 900's so that's what they up too as of last week
  8. I took drug test on 02/20/2013 does anyone know how long they take to call after that.
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