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  1. Which means some drivers that were laid off are gonna be working again
  2. You ain’t lyin man....got another one callin while I was at work
  3. So my ex gf just recently started blowing up my Instagram 🤦‍♂️.
  4. Montclair right next to the Montclair-Boonton line at (IINM), Walnut Street station
  5. The other thing to consider is this: New York’s bread and butter economy wise is tourism. The streets of New York City are virtually empty (as evidenced from my lofty perch from the 3rd floor of the Port Authority Bus Terminal looking uptown on 9 Avenue and along 42nd Street and down 8th Avenue). With so many folks from different states (and other parts of the world for that matter) being on lockdown due to COVID restrictions, the industry is taking a beating. Lakeland used to bustle with standing room only buses on weekends into New York, now has basically a skeleton crew operating with weekend service cancelled (with the exception of the NJT Gladstone bus shuttles). Back to DeCamp: I had to cross honor tickets for a couple of months, and the fact that there may be an uptick in some of NJT’s Park & Rides looking full may be an illusion due to displaced riders from the aforementioned company’s temporary (?) stoppage. Hope everything gets better soon
  6. Problem with the 31 is like Lakeland and DeCamp, it’s a privately owned operation, and if they aren’t getting any money in, most (being kind in saying that) of their operation will be shutting down.
  7. Turnaround for extra board can be f—-ing brutal 😫 especially if you live 30 minutes away from job
  8. Honestly I am not clear on exact change, but in a related story while in training, there was a similar message on one of the buses (with the whole NJ TRANSIT The Way To Go message) out of my garage to which my instructor made a couple of phone calls and got verification that such a policy did not exist. Drivers could get into some major trouble for things like that
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/transporter_not_statham/50293243213/in/dateposted-public/
  10. It’s pretty empty that way too even though the mall itself has seen an uptick in patronage with the slight increase in indoor dining, but the Shoppers stop and the P&R are still pretty empty. One of the more interesting differences I found out between the wheelchair doors on Lakeland’s 17000s State buses vs 18000-20000 on NJT Proper, is the wheelchair door opens and closes automatically on The NJT buses, but Lakelands’ (and I suspect the other private carriers) rely on manual muscle power.
  11. Yes it is very disturbing to see P&Rs to the point you’d see more tumbleweeds than cars. Mother’s P&R is a perfect example, so much so that my instructor was able to get me and another student (my co worker at Lakeland) the full complement of wheelchair training. I will say that the Route 23 Transit Center has an (ever so slight) uptick in patronage. Heck, there were more cars parked at my former employer than I could remember in recent times. The 495 XBL finally opening Monday could be a sign (I hope) that things are on the up and up.
  12. Thanks for playing Clippers. Johnny, tell em what they’ve won!!!!!
  13. “Graduated” yesterday and breaking in now. I drove the 17000s for Lakeland so I’m used to the new buses. Other than that they’re brittle as all get out, I like them pretty good
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