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  1. Technicality kills tiny bus firm's dream

    This makes the second company that got NABI buses after I left, the first being Community Coach...
  2. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    That’s right! I’m guessing whatever NABIs they have left over. I used to drive for Community on the local lines and I really feel for the folks there who may have been released as a result (if they even have)....
  3. Saw 18060, 62 at Allison Transmission in Piscataway
  4. Alon Levy: Thru-run NJT, LIRR and MNRR

    Don’t forget the Meadowlands Football Specials starting from New Haven to Secaucus Transfer (although I personally am against run-through ideas as well
  5. I'm commiserating here...

    Vans??? Yuck
  6. That’s a switch. We tried to get 40 foot buses at Lakeland, and the state told my boss “no”. Smh
  7. Explosion In Subway Near Port Authority

    Probably following too closely behind each other (with a third stopping short after witnessing what happened ahead of him), which is all the more reason (unauthorized) folks need to stay off the damn roadway
  8. Explosion In Subway Near Port Authority

    B35 yes, and also our 80 routes go to Midtown-E 57 Street via 34 Street-Madison Avenue (one goes down 40th to 7 Ave, then 34th up until a certain time). I was told most of our non-PABT buses made out ok. What I also saw on TV when I got back to Secaucus was NJT Buses going to Secaucus Junction to transfer passengers to the trains. Oh boy, what a mess. But then again, one evening I was stuck on 495 and it took me 3 to 3 1/2 hours to get into PABT from just across the Hudson (someone got run over by two buses in the PABT on the 3rd floor)
  9. Explosion In Subway Near Port Authority

    I was driving to Port Authority from Bedminster. My dispatcher told everyone to turn around and take everyone home (and return fare/tickets). I turned around in Newark on I-78 right before the Turnpike. Since Port Authority was closed, most buses had to let out along 10 Ave
  10. Amtrak Derailment In Dupont, WA

    That’s horrible to hear. Sounds really close to home when it happens to the railfan community. All the best to their families and everyone lost in this horrific tragedy
  11. Question about Oradell garage ?

    Heck, my boss was trying to get us 40 footers and NJT told him no
  12. Question about Oradell garage ?

    45 footers are unable to go to Oradell. They were trying to get another facility in Teterboro, but those plans fell through. I’m hearing 40 foot buses are going to be part of the order now
  13. CSX’s Hunter Harrison Dies

    The story is also up on the net. It was a full story when I downloaded it. Hmm
  14. https://www.wsj.com/articles/csx-ceo-hunter-harrison-has-died-1513453754


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