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  1. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/New-Jersey-Train-Derailment-Union-462847833.html?ds%3Fdsd%3Fdsd
  2. Why Are Millennials Leaving New Jersey?

    Ironically I found this story in the Facebook group called “The Delayed on New Jersey Transit Support Group”.
  3. Millington, NJ 9/12/17

    Arrow III MU 1511 Eastbound
  4. I hope it doesn’t as well. But I already got a head start moving to New Jersey
  5. Nova Bus LFS 8468 @ Vince Lombardi Rest Area off the NJ Turnpike in Ridgefield Park, NJ

    © 46Dover

  6. Strange bedfellows. Lakeland MCI D4000 8727 sits next to MTA Nova Bus LFS 8059 @ the Vince Lombardi Rest Area off the NJ Turnpike 3/25/16

    © 46Dover

  7. Prevost X3-45 2622

    © 46Dover

  8. New Flyer XN40(CNG) 779

    © 46Dover

  9. MCI D4000 8755 (Ex Lakeland) delivered to Westwood for use on Rockland Coaches
  10. Gladstone Yard 10/21/17

    NJ Transit Trains lay over for service during Far Hills Steeplechase

    © 46Dover

  11. West 40 Street 4/21/17

    Carl R. Bieber Tourways MCI D4505 598

    © 46Dover

  12. New York, NY West 40th Street

    Carl R. Bieber Tourways MCI D4505 598 in Silversides Retro wrap 4/21/17

    © 46Dover

  13. Lakeland MCI D4500CT 17219 @ Lower Manhattan terminus Water & Broad Sts 9/18/17

    © 46Dover

  14. NYCTA Subway Signs

    Aw man....
  15. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    I drove 8713 (Lakeland) over to Westwood (Rockland Coaches) garage. They now have 8704, 8713, 8736, & 8755


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