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  1. 772 operating daily? Odd to see a local Community Route on a Sunday schedule
  2. I just don’t like those buses at all
  3. I’d like to see how they pull this off. I’d probably be retired long after it’s finished
  4. You found the article huh? My union President (ATU) knew him well. Real shock to hear
  5. Typical of New York youth: Just when you think they can’t sink deeper into another dimension, they pick another spot and dig there
  6. Especially when some bus companies have the nerve, the temerity, the unmitigated gaule to pay only just beyond minimum wage, which if what is true about minimum wage up to $15 coming to pass, you’d make more money flipping burgers than driving a bus
  7. I wish the R62/As would go retro with these (at least one train set 🙂)
  8. Personally I never liked those
  9. And NJ Transit folks were jumping ship for MTA (see Veronica Hakim)
  10. I saw a photo of the incident. Sickening
  11. The story I heard was that all the Community drivers went home after a certain time, only for the Mayor to send them a nastygram to bring their asses back to the Meadowlands and to their credit, they listened. I didn’t ask how many drivers would’ve been available for work the next morning, what with availability via hours of service and all that....
  12. On a day where it would take 8 hours from Dover, NJ riding cushion to North Bergen, NJ

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