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  1. I'm also a bus operator and just filed for this exam... Just wondering does anyone know of/recommend any study material or courses that will help with the exam? I attend a course for the B/O exam the help me tremendously with the test given by 2 retired B/O... Just wondering if there was anyone on the subway side doing the same.. Thanks!
  2. 2613 list is good until 10/31/17... If youre put on hold or if you have any other issues you have until then to clear them up, just remember the longer you take the more seniority you lose. So You have plenty of time to clear your license.
  3. I've been a bus operator for 14+ years.. I definitely think that anyone on this list who hasn't yet been called for pre-employment should work on getting their CDL license. Only because it's less to Worry about.TA doesn't care if you qualify with only your permit, they will let you go in a minute if you fail the dmv road test, there are thousands of other candidates.Then you can't re-apply for a bus operator position for 4 years. So yes, get your license first if possible. Good luck to all.. Be safe!
  4. Welcome aboard! I've noticed alot of guys from MTA bus coming over, is it that bad over there? What's the benefits like? Just curious if it's similar to ours. Good luck!
  5. Congrats to the 2nd class of exam 2613 coming off probation next week, 12/29 class. We made it! Took the TOP class yesterday at Zerega... Good luck fellas!!
  6. Today was day 6. Union Square. HEAVY TRAFFIC. it was outta control down there. But i made it though, she said i did excellent. No negative marks or U's on my form. She also told me theres no reason why i shouldnt qualify tomorrow, day 7. So im going to get a good nights rest, and control my anxiety for tomorrow Who's your superintendent?
  7. Today while double parked in front of my house waiting for my mother to come downstairs, a police officer pulls behind me, lights me up. and ask me for my license, then comes back with an obstructing traffic summons because i was double parked. WHAT THE HELL! I told the officer was it hard for him to just ask me to move my car? Im simply in the car waiting for someone to come out. Now i have a summons, and a court date. Is this going to get me removed from training now after i notify my superintendent? Were supposed to report all tickets and summons. i cant believe this happened. I told the cop after i recieved the summons would it affect my job. that i work for transit and they replied, "shoud have told me sooner". Well i had no clue i was going to be summoned for being in my car double Dude, don't sweat it. We all get tickets, yes even us TA workers. You're not gonna get removed from training. Just let them know what happened and fill out the proper paperwork. You're not convicted of anything as of of yet so how could they (TA) do anything to you if you haven't been found guilty. Fight that ticket, it will be dropped once the judge see's who your employer is (one of the perks). You'll be fine and consintrate on qualifying on day 7.. Good luck, hope to see you out there. And next time let PD know you work for the city sooner. Be safe!
  8. Everything you need to know about the hiring process has been posted on this forum many times. Just start from the first page and read up....
  9. In a nut shell... TA is a civil service position (you are a NYC employee) MTA Bus is not. (You are not a NYC employee). Benefits and retirement differ. MTA Bus was formed from all the private lines (Green Line Bus Co. Jamaica Bus. Queens Surface. Command Bus Co.). There's no part-time in TA (not yet anyways) and MTA Bus Contracts aren't as good as TA contracts.
  10. 2613 is for NYCT a civil service position... 2301 is not. That simple bro.
  11. I would defiantly pay the ticket and take the 2 points!! You have the opportunity of becoming a city employee with the potential of earning a 6 figure income don't let it slip away... Just my opinion. Good luck either way!!
  12. Don't stress filling out any of the insurance paperwork or anything else cause like they will tell you during orientation "Don't quit your day job" LOL!! Technically they say your not hired until you pass the 10 day training... Once you pass they will go over everything on day 11 "HR DAY" good luck to all! Look forward to seeing you guys out there. Be safe! P.S. In my opinion the Empire plan is best.
  13. Fellas, don't try to figure out the TA... Your brain will explode!! Just do what they say nod your head and keep it moving. You're gonna get the shitiest runs, buses and RDO's for the next 3-5 years. All part of the deal. Dispatchers will test you while you're on probation... just smile say no problem and thank you! Cause the second you complain about a bus or your leader you're done! Good luck fellas!
  14. What list number are they up to for pre-interview?
  15. Just got the text from the union.... Executive board voted for an agreement. 5 years for top pay for all new hires. Sorry fellas! Hang in there, it's still a great career! With awesome benefits! Good luck to all!
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