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  1. I can't wait to get started I need to know if there's any place I could go to get sum training and dos and donts for bus operators other then books I need hands on Does anyone know where to call to inquire about you boss exam ?? Congrats to all this has deff been a jorney to all hope all goes thru for everyone as we wait on our boss .,, does anyone know how retirement works with mta bus .,, any info in great thanks
  2. This part time stuff scares me I just hope everything falls into place .,, your suppose to get what you applied for which was full time so if they decide to send you that letter and you offer it .,,,to get the list going .,, Good luck to all really think your decision Wisely
  3. Congrats to all who passed I'm of to take the boss on 4/18/13 .,,,any one know what's on it ? Anyone know if exam 2301 is mabstoa or ta or mta bus and what are there advantages thanks greatly n good luck to all
  4. What ever was read and confirmed in application process has to be granted full time benefits and full time salery .,,,, this would really be b/s out to take my boss exam on 4/18/ lets see what's this about any feedback ?? And does anyone know what's next ?? ThankZ and good luck to all
  5. Still on the wait for my boss my rn is 9179 so my hope is for may at least
  6. So now approaching march 2013 and my list number 9179 for exam 2301 I should be getting called anytime now .,,,, any takes on the boss exam ??

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