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  1. The list exists and there have already been a couple of classes (permanent, not provisional) off of it. Including one I'm in!
  2. List was established at end of June and the first class from it started this Monday. Up to #26
  3. All NTT's can run in 4 to 6 car configurations per unit, and up to two units per train set. So you can have 4,5,6,8,9,10,11 or 12 car sets on the 142+ The R188's aren't going anywhere. It also seems ridiculous to me to have 6 car sets on the ... last I heard both ends were getting 5 car platforms, 2 tracks, throw some 62's or 142's on them and call it a day.
  4. I'll say it again, I don't see anyone campaigning to close Wall St on the and that's the same distance from Fulton and Bowling Green that 18 is from 23 and 14 on the
  5. 18th on the and are two completely different situations. 18th on the was closed because 14th St's downtown platform is completely above 14th St, and when the platforms were extended to 10 cars, it made the stations way too close to each other. 14th St on the was planned as a 10 car platform when it was first built and was placed completely south of 14th St in order to evenly space out the distance between it and 18. I go through 18th St 3 times a day in both directions, and it ALWAYS has ridership. It makes no sense to close this station. If you're in such a rush, walk down to 14th and take the or !
  6. There are stations in our system which are closer than 14-18-23 on the . Yet I don't hear anyone calling for the closing of Wall St on the and and have people just walk to Fulton or Bowling Green. And 33-28-23 on the is even less distance than 14-18-23 on the is but nobody's demanding we close 28 St and make people walk the extra 4 blocks. I'm convinced the only reason anyone on this forum really wants to close 18th on the is that they don't like the idea that it's the only line that has an 18th St stop and want the map to be symmetrical.
  7. Plenty of people use all 3 of these stations. I swear the biggest goal on this forum (aside from getting something, ANYTHING to run through the Nassau cut again) is to close 18th St on the .....
  8. Yes those last 15 cars were OOS for a good 6 months. One of them was even being scrapped for spare parts. Mosholu wouldn't accept them when they took the other units, not that they could even make the trip without being horsed. I haven't worked Westchester or the in quite a while so I'm not sure what the current story is with them except they appear to have them running and are now making sure that they're in good shape before getting transferred. I've been operating the in ATPM for a couple weeks now and it's no problem for me.....those who spent their whole career working the 62As might need some adjustment. I know some just chose to flee the line rather than Can't Believe This Crap.
  9. Automatic Train Protection Mode. Wayside Signal Protection. That 142A on the is undergoing 30 day testing before Mosholu will accept it.
  10. These intervals no longer exist. There's a 5:21 and a 5:38 out of Flatbush to Nereid and those are the final two. As I already stated in this thread, if the crews that make those intervals come down late, they will also go back up late. The Dyre line is going to be bustified for the next 3 weekends. However, the GO states this is for track replacement. The signal work is pretty much done on that line now.
  11. No joke. the line is now operating in CBTC ATPM mode 24/7 between Main St and Woodside-61, and in WSP from Woodside to 34-Hudson Yards. No exceptions will be made except in a CBTC zone controller failure, which means that ONLY CBTC-equipped trains can operate there during normal service, and only CBTC-qualified train operators may work the line. The last sets of R62A's were transferred to Westchester Yard last night.
  12. Yes. It's constantly being used. 239 Yard has one of the busiest car washes. They have trains all coming up there to wash, and they need to get stacked on the middle track to wait their turn to enter the yard.
  13. You'll see a late evening to Nereid if that's a crew that finishes at 239 Yard and were delayed getting down to Brooklyn earlier in the day. You can't send Dyre crews to 239 if they have additional trips to make, because they won't have sufficient time to do the layup and then get from 239 to Dyre in time for their next trip. 239 yard needs to have a certain number of sets in order to make up proper service the next morning, so if 239 never got a set from their scheduled interval, then a later interval will run.
  14. There shouldn't be any AM problems at E180 unless a Nereid and a Dyre arrive at the same time. The uses B lead during the AM rush so that it leaves tk 2 available to both services. A and a Dyre can both come into E180 at the same time with no interference. PMs is another story. At the least, if a and a Nereid arrive at the same time, make the connection and then the can stay in the middle to Gun Hill.

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