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  1. Can someone post the notice of examination for 6601?
  2. if the pending ticket is 4 pts or less just plead guilty and pay the fine...move on.
  3. how long does it take for your list number to get reinstated?
  4. automated system is delayed, don't rely on it...people's posts in here are a great measure. You can call her and ask if you want.
  5. I see. Thought Queens operated the same as Staten. Well on Staten we have a general pick every Dec, can change depots on the island at that time.
  6. TA is best and you definitely want to be on Staten Island. The other boroughs are a headache, u will deal with headaches here of course but compared to the other boroughs, SI is the country club. You move up seniority wise a lot faster here as well. SI and Queens have there own General pick allowing people to switch depots within their boro once a year.
  7. thanks 26** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_depots_of_MTA_Regional_Bus_Operations today was great, nice and quiet.I might have had 25 people total with 6 trips. Back to reality tomorrow.
  8. Whats up guys..I have some time on the job now but forgot the process and dont have time to scroll...friend has to report tomorrow for the first time..got her package in the mail....she needs her permit correct? If no permit they turn her away and say come back..right?
  9. Jackie Gleason depot closest to island and Ulmer Park.
  10. yeah not a good idea to do OT in the first year. OT just means more time in the seat to get in an accident. No need to get your probation extended. and yeah your expected to call things out.
  11. why? everyone getting hired from this test will pass you in seniority. Last test (2613) people passed up like you want too and it cost them big $, top pay went from 3 yrs to 5 yrs as a new contract was settled. Same situation is approaching with contract expiring Jan 2017. Although it should take them time to get a new one but you never really know. You know the MTA is going to push to get rid of 25/55 pension and make it 30/62. Lots of things can go wrong. I was in a tough spot when I was hired but someone told me do whatever is necc to get in and I did. Have friends who waited and they got stuck with the 5 yr top pay which ended up being 6 months after me getting hired.
  12. no way lol..that would be great though.
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