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  1. ill leave this link so i wont have to keep posting on here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oFSl477QX7Xq_yx0LUE1y7Zjs4Ydi-iDmHQ6aVzQPGA/edit?usp=sharing
  2. i don't know if anyone else has this feeling but those older nova lfs buses have these huge round headlights that look so space age ish lol and that why i like em! heres what i mean http://www.thebergennetwork.com/na/il/cta/6556.jpg in contrast heres what the new ones look like (like the mta one i made) http://www.chicagobus.org/system/photos/264/large/12797569035_248e09ec32_o.jpg?2014 one more sidenote: what's the top speed of these (or any mta) buses? using the transmission manufacturer's gear ratio (zf ecolite) and this calculator the top speed at redline is 59 mph can anyone confirm or deny this? hope that wasn't too much off topic randomness here's a articulated version since i STILL haven't made an articulated bus up until now http://shpws.me/zefX tomorrow im working on a xcelsior (probably wont succeed) and a mini school bus
  3. here's the n scale nova model, i specifically modeled it after the mta one: http://shpws.me/zdKk here's a display version in case anyone wants it for a game or something: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=u7b2d108c-e20c-4a05-afdb-2d0264b192e6 here's a updated list of my n scale buses: gillig LF gillig LF BRT d40lf c40lf d30lf tmc citycruiser (orion 1) nova LFS blue bird mini bird school bus thomas hdx school bus blue bird tc 2000 school bus ho scale buses, notice some aren't available anymore, either due to sky-high prices or printability issues: d30lf c40lf tmc citycruiser (orion 1) blue bird mini bird school bus thomas hdx school bus blue bird tc 2000 school bus if you would like me to convert a n scale bus to ho scale please let me know, also i can make a transit bus not listed here in either scale as long is it isn't too obscure
  4. I have more buses already, hoping that people can use them because of how there isn't another way to get buses in ho and n scale, and I'm working on a Nova low floor bus which will be my first MTA bus and also it will have a new design: painted instead of clear windows so it will be stronger, look better and be easier to assemble, after im done i will post a new list of ho and n scale buses
  5. I made more buses here http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/45891-scale-model-transitschool-buses-on-shapeways/ I hope someone can merge this topic onto that one
  6. Yeah I had another topic for this, specifically the new flyer bus but I hope someone can merge that topic onto this one... Anyway I was extremely sick of the lack of transit bus models in HO scale and I was bored toward the end of my summer so I went and made some models of common buses, I'm hoping that someone besides me also wanted more bus models... I can't make any more buses because school started but I can make minor changes and do rescales (most are in HO scale only right now, let me know if you want another scale) here's my shapeways shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/schoolbusmodels EDIT: i forgot to list the different models, here they are: new flyer c/d40lf diesel and CNG versions van hool a330 gillig low floor standard and BRT versions bluebird tc/2000 school bus bluebird mini bird school bus thomas hdx school bus and I forgot to mention that I have a R16, r10 and r30 subway cars that I constructed from blue prints
  7. Since there has never been a new flyer bus made in ho scale, i decided to try my luck since i had already made a moderately popular school bus on shapeways All the links are on this youtube page, i didnt want to post all the links again (click "youtube" in the top right corner) https://youtube.com/watch?v=VytDeZUu2ZY Please tell me how it looks
  8. FINALLY! Now if only someone will produce some B division cars, I custom built my ho r32s but it took a lot of effort
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A9mQo2qsQ0
  10. im going to upload the video tomorrow you're all gonna be BLOWN AWAY!!!
  11. im almost done i just need to tweak the lights and add windshield wipers, and i also need to install the windows
  12. i finally got my stuff and everythings going fine but its a lot of grunt work and time getting everything to fit
  13. The cars are taking FOREVER in the mail! Last weekend I ordered 4 tenshodo self powering wheelsets off ebay, these are rare but essential in powering multiple units, i plan to power every pair of R32 cars so I have enough motors now to power 4 pairs plus I bought miniatronics LEDs that have an incandescent color, wheelsets, spare trucks and couplers from my LHS, I wonder why the few running subway models I have seen all don't have lights, mine definitely will and the R102 i mentioned earlier appeared at the same time as the motors on ebay so I had to choose the motor over the R10 the motors haven't been tested, so wish me luck i can't figure out how to upload a picture with my other stuff that i mentioned
  14. i still didnt get my r32s i nthe mail but i found some r10s on ebay should get one of those in like a week
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