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  1. Thats a waste but really nice catch!
  2. koolmazin

    R68 N Train via Broadway Express 12/6/13

    Nice catch just when I thought Broadway was never gonna use SMEEs anytime soon
  3. koolmazin

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    WTH.. 4451 on the S53
  4. koolmazin

    In and around 181st Street

    Nah the third pic of 299 on the Bx36 ppl are staring lmao
  5. koolmazin


    Awsome taken with trees that still have green leaves on em!
  6. koolmazin

    The NYTM Bus Festival at Atlantic Antic

    Did u see anyone with a red shirt? Tanish skin?
  7. koolmazin

    The last B44 Limited, EVER!

    Well that sucks i hope the SBS sees an RTS at some point
  8. koolmazin

    The R188 (7), Coming to a station near you

    I hope the line still has R62As by the time the extension opens up
  9. koolmazin

    10 Years ago today 11/3/03

    Time moves too damn fast i remember seeing a redbird on the like yesterday dude!
  10. koolmazin

    Some Recent Subway Pics

    That's epic a 9900 on the too! That's epic a 9900 on the too!
  11. koolmazin

    Today's Photo Plus C40LF!

    Sweet man these buses are Brooklyn originals doesn't go so much for the newer ones but the older ones heck yea! I noticed you took these all of them from bk and more particularly JG like the good ole days. I liked these shots
  12. koolmazin

    Giving Bay Ridge Some Love

    Great shots I like how close you are to my house too 0.0 I see you got shots of that ugly library too
  13. koolmazin

    Eastchester Depot 10/27/13

    Damn thats sad what happend to those orion vii's?
  14. koolmazin

    Lost Bronx Division buses

    Great catch i got to see one on the Q35 when i was at target in Flatbush
  15. koolmazin

    JFK and their Galaxys

    Very nice i saw one of these today on the on the Q35 feeling lucky now


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