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  1. R68 N Train via Broadway Express 12/6/13

    Nice catch just when I thought Broadway was never gonna use SMEEs anytime soon
  2. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    WTH.. 4451 on the S53
  3. In and around 181st Street

    Nah the third pic of 299 on the Bx36 ppl are staring lmao
  4. #galaxy

    Awsome taken with trees that still have green leaves on em!
  5. Did u see anyone with a red shirt? Tanish skin?
  6. The last B44 Limited, EVER!

    Well that sucks i hope the SBS sees an RTS at some point
  7. I hope the line still has R62As by the time the extension opens up
  8. 10 Years ago today 11/3/03

    Time moves too damn fast i remember seeing a redbird on the like yesterday dude!
  9. Some Recent Subway Pics

    That's epic a 9900 on the too! That's epic a 9900 on the too!
  10. Today's Photo Plus C40LF!

    Sweet man these buses are Brooklyn originals doesn't go so much for the newer ones but the older ones heck yea! I noticed you took these all of them from bk and more particularly JG like the good ole days. I liked these shots
  11. Giving Bay Ridge Some Love

    Great shots I like how close you are to my house too 0.0 I see you got shots of that ugly library too
  12. Eastchester Depot 10/27/13

    Damn thats sad what happend to those orion vii's?
  13. Lost Bronx Division buses

    Great catch i got to see one on the Q35 when i was at target in Flatbush
  14. JFK and their Galaxys

    Very nice i saw one of these today on the on the Q35 feeling lucky now


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