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  1. Unless there is an error from inside, you have to make up any OTO, AVA, Sick days, etc. On a personal note, I had two weeks for maternity leave (paid) and got extended two weeks to make it up. Not complaining though. It was very nice to get those 2 weeks off for the birth of our child.
  2. Cool, enjoy! Hit me up if you have any questions.
  3. Ok, it's official. Going to Staten Island as an OA to TA cross over. Been almost 2 years at Ulmer Park in Brooklyn. Had a good experience.
  4. @drop11412, thanks for bringing that up. I was at Zerega today for a Vision Zero class and asked. They said it's a holiday but not for Zerega Training Center. @Ctrain24, Thanks a lot! Well, I guess I will find out for sure. If it's the 29th, that's cool. As long as it's sometime during the week. See ya there!
  5. Ok, I did medical & final processing today. I'm in for the December 26th class. Just trying to figure out when I pick my depot. I'm switching from OA to TA so I don't have to do the 7-10 day training again (or probation). I thought maybe Monday but hearing it may be a day or two later according to someone else who was in the same situation not too long ago.
  6. Did the drug test today (2nd time, 1st one expired). Over the phone, I was told I would do medical & final processing on Thursday if I did the drug test today, but when I asked in person today, they said if the results come in on Wednesday and didn't sound so definite. Forgot to ask if not and they come in on Thursday, do I come in Friday for medical & final processing. I hope so. I really want to get in the December 26th class.
  7. FYI, I know I am more or less next up to receive an email to come down for my medical. I called today and was told the December 12th class is full and the next class is due for December 26th. The class after that one has yet to be determined. Separately, just want to share some info with anyone who will be starting. Something that I was not told for the first few months until another fellow employee told me (and I just told someone who didn't know for almost 2 years!): When you do Overtime, you have an option to write in the time box OTO. I forget what it stands for, think it's Other Time something. IF you have over 8 hours of vehicle time and do overtime and write in OTO, instead of getting paid, that time can get built up so you can take a day off in the future. I prefer to build up time to take off and in the beginning when I first started, since I was on the extra list, I did quite a bit of overtime. However, I never was told about OTO by the union etc. It's probably in our contract etc. but the reality is, who has the time to read it all. Anyway, just a little something I want to pass along. I'd hate to have others find out late, particularly those who prefer to build up time off as opposed to the pay. Oh, and yes, it's time and a half so if you finish an hour late, that would equate to an hour and a half time built up.
  8. Anyone who has been contacted for the medical (following your first trip to Livingston Street), please let us know if it was by phone or email. When I went down the first time Nov. 9th, they said I will receive an email. When I originally went through this process almost 2 years ago (for OA), it was a phone call I received, so I asked them to confirm about receiving an email and they said yes. Also, can you state what the email is exactly (unless it was from an email with their name). That way we can add that address to our contacts in our emails and less chance it may go to spam etc. Thanks in advance! As a reminder I'm in the mid 1800s.
  9. Okay, just got my letter today for 4600. I'm in the 1800s. Can't wait to transfer (OA to TA) to Staten Island where I live. Had a good time in Brooklyn though (Ulmer Park), but definitely looking forward to the transfer. Only thing that needs to be done again is medical. Going down November 9th.
  10. So based on one of the websites that have the results with names and scores, that's up to everyone who scored a 96.667 I'm 18** so I guess I should be getting a letter any day now. I'm already on the job as OA but switching to TA so I can transfer here to Staten Island. Can't wait! Good luck everyone.
  11. Wishing you the best DueceDrives! You'll be fine for sure
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