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  1. One day they will understand bill..😁...You ,I and many forum members here really know what's gonna on...The gonna simply get to the bottom of this...Just thank god no one was seriously hurt or even killed in the accident at chambers...R160s on the is no surprise to me considering they just got rid of the R32s...With this covid 19 still in effect Ridership on most lines still at a all time low...This allows the to use cars from Jamaica and eny while they fix the R179 problems.....R179s are not lemons...Similar to the R46 needing help on they production..Now they the one's helping out...40 years ago lemons...Just my opinion...
  2. Wow...In all my years of riding the subway ive never saw or heard of this....A train decoupling...even when the subway fleet was at it's worst in the 80s ive never heard of something like this...2020 been such a Jekyll and Hyde year for the subway and our ppl in this country.....Just when they thought it was safe to retire the 32s....
  3. The R32s is retired my good friend.....C trains uses R179 and R46
  4. ..Couldn't been that long ago...Before the tunnel shutdown it wasn't saying that...😁
  5. I haven't taken the in quite a while...When i took it eairlier i notice they changed the announcement when the train reach Lorimer St...To Metropolitan-Lorimer St....I wondered when they changed that...
  6. It does to my knowledge...i caught 1 the other day
  7. I actually never been to Rockland county ny by train...only car....but someone here hopefully has the answers your looking for...
  8. Of course..U already know how the get's down...The biggest problem right now is the homeless in the subway system wide...I know it ain't easy to tackle that problem i feel for the homeless but commuters are getting fed up over it... trains should be the 1st line to go for...I mean that been the homeless line for years now and gotten worst....
  9. Probably because they want to disinfect the cars and try to get as much homeless of the trains as possible...I heard something similar...Don't know how true it is tho...
  10. Yeah that area filled with loonitics...on top of the station...WTH...lol...How he even get up there...
  11. Also to add...At that time the Mta was retiring their redbirds which all the 7 ran so in order for the 7 to be 11 cars they needed the singles R62A cars from the 3 and 6...By then R62s was already converted in 5 car sets so that made the swap a little easier by having the new ones on the lex and moving them to the 3...of course until technology swiped the cars to the 7
  12. Welcome back lance......l See life itself caught up a little...😁...and yes it would be a little odd to send the M thru 63st...63st need a fulltime line since the qbl opening that's why the F got sent there...if it ain't broke don't fix it...
  13. Oh no i agree with u...I benefited great from the M running from midtown whether it was from 145 or 96 with good ridership as well...and before anyone says it's from the L or 1...Most ppl got off well before the M hit myrtle-wyoff and created a good balance across central park west along the C...l think the M by now earned the right to go past essex st on wkends...hopefully when thing get back to normal they should consider that...
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