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  1. UNBELIEVABLE.....My coindolences to the subway conductor and his family....I mean with all the virus stuff going on and many Tri State area ppl losing there lives due to it....I cant believe someone would actually start a train fire if thats in case the cause of the fire....
  2. Its always possible...You'll probably see a set or 2 of R46's on the once CIY and Jamaica finish their swap
  3. For some reason Greenville does help the 1 on occasion....few weeks ago i saw 5404 on the 1 and a couple of days before that i saw 5699 on the 1..
  4. They must also be the ones to believe that the are getting there R142A's back....
  5. Which is faster from Downtown Brooklyn Fulton and Flatbush av to Ridgewood term... B26 or B52
  6. Lol...That's the normal on the ...But yeah its sad we have to deal with it...It's really nothing the can do they cant ban the homeless from the system...I mean they could try to help but its just to large of a system to control the homeless not being on the trains and in station....
  7. Here we go again...What are u talking about...🤔
  8. Oh ok..Thanks S78...Btw how did your test go??
  9. What does that means RTO Man....FOX???
  10. Thats something that always bothered me....Why the didnt extend that or some kind of service to Staten Island...
  11. He must be thinking about the to Coney Island from QBP...
  12. I mean i get your point...Me personally i avoid the R46/R68's if i can due to the fact that you cant move thru the cars if something happens...If thats how you feel then u mind as well take uber everyday...
  13. They will never have an idea of the system at that time in the 80's...Foamers today would be scared of the system back then...I mean SCARED...
  14. So you took lyft just cause you missed an R160.....Really Bro...
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