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  1. Word up....Chi and bos at times get worst weather than us and their on time is nearly perfect...I know exactly what you mean about the on wkends...In both bklyn and upper manhattan...Waiting times can be a little long than your normal line...I even try timing the train for the most part by seeing what time it arrives on my phone before going into the station and 9 out of 10 it still dont come...or come like 10-15 mins after.... service needs to return on wkends again...
  2. I agree....To cold to run trains........So what they gonna do about tommorrow..We expecting 8-12 inches...Might not be no service by his logic...
  3. My coindolences to the worker at 125 st...My prayers to the family of the victim...Just terrible...
  4. Ive been on a one day that went express on the all local track...That was only because they was to close together....
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    I was just throwing my opinion on they question....And the main reason is to why most of yall here thinks its not gonna work is because ppl dont want to lose they precious 1 seat express...Im the last 1 here that looks at paper and think things is gonna work....Quit frankly i could care less.......And by the way i wonder if the looked into crews,merges,fleet,and budgeting When the got extended to SF late nights to church full time to fulton wkends to serve 6 av...You probably was the main 1 saying that wasnt gonna work...Now back to the R179 topic
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    Sending trains to ozone park is not that bad of an idea...As a matter of fact they should look further into sending the there...Most of the time . don't even meet at the 2 bottlenecks...And how is the going to fulton...What about 2 av
  7. Like 2 wkends ago i seen a least 3 sets on the....And even last week when i was on the during the afternoon i saw like 3 sets on the ...I mean they do pop up on the not often cause they fleet is mainly r46s..But the does use a set or 2 for the despite the useing them...
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    They not extras....They are married paired meaning that 2 cars gonna always be together...All you have to do is just uncoulple one married paired that will equal 2 less cars...Example a normal J train has 8 cars talking of the 32s and 42s...Remove one married pair leave's the set with 6 cars and add the married pair you back to 8 cars....That's one of the reasons the A getting some....Besides the C becoming full length that allows the A to be ten cars...
  9. And what anything you've just said has anything to do with the article posted???
  10. UNBELIEVEABLE to say the least........I mean opening doors on wrong sides,overshooting platforms, moving trains while doors still open,delaying trains being sent up the wrong track....One would think after the Union Sq wreck (which clearly was the fault of the motorman) that the transit authority would take these type of thing more serious....After reading this article makes me wonder about the overpriced system we are using....
  11. There where a few times ive taken a over a at 34 st...And the didnt past us until like 110 st...So yeah sometimes taken the can save you time over the depending on your destination...Me personally if i feel like an local can overtake an express (and it does happens) ill simply just use it....
  12. You'll love it if its going in our direction....... I Know what you mean....Just the other day on valentine's day im waiting for an at 34st and i kid you not 4 trains 1st came then 2 's followed that...I found that strange but i didnt think nothing of it cause it was the heart of rush hour...And i also agree that these manhattan trunk lines 6av 8av and bway are becoming insanely crowded even on wkends to the point where service that dont run on wkends gonna have to start running wkends.....
  13. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    5919 ran in revenue service for about 2 years the most for the AC Bus corp in Jersey City...I think someone confirmed why 5919 and 5757 went missing in action....But im sure someone here knows the reasons behind this
  14. 2 things i find interesting...1.The Homeless with the hot plates and tv's ...And the being labled as the Homeless Express....Me personally ill remove most of those 160s off the overnight and let those 40 year old 46s handle the overnight hotel...
  15. New York City Subway car listing

    Oh ok...Got it


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