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  1. What i want to know is why this sudden attack on workers...
  2. Wishing you and your business nothing but the best...Thanks for everything
  3. I dont know if its just me...But the last couple of days ive notice more R46's on the than R32's and R179's
  4. A&C no longer operate the 4 line...And 5919 has been scraped for years now...
  5. And thats my point here....Listen there no way im entering the subway with a 12 year old or younger with a disorder and allow him to break loose from me and enter the tracks...i dont care what anyone says...
  6. Manage to get away...Spare me that one....So he managed to get away come off the platform and cross a set of tracks 3 rail and all and it took a 5 train operator to save him...
  7. How in the world a 12 year old end up between the lcl and exp tracks stepping over a 3 rail...... Where the hell is his parents...
  8. I'll say maybe a couple of months the most...I did catch that one set at that time too...And before you know it...it was on the ..I could be wrong tho
  9. Do you mean the R179 or the 1 set of R160 that ran on the back in like 2005-2006
  10. I agree with you....Whats funny is that 2 weeks ago i was walking from the to the path at fulton st...Saw like 5 cops making everyone that was laying in the area of the dunkin donuts get up and leave...I mean the cops was loud about it too...
  11. Word i have to agree with you with the beggers....LMAO at the mobile homeless shelter...I really dont know how riders put up with that...
  12. Yeah some of Fairview Mci are terrible...Thats mainly cause they get hand me downs from other garages...

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