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  1. Wow i remember those days as a kid..@ ATH...Welp your 's should be 100 % 160s soon...😁
  2. I Think Orange been helping Ironbound with the 62 lately...I could be wrong tho
  3. I Believe it without the pictures...
  4. I somewhat agree with this a little...They did choose the and for CBTC because of non trackage sharing......Now they gradually spending that across the system for better service...
  5. You need to relax yourself.....Not that serious my guy
  6. I dont have the time to read extremely long paragraphs like this ok......And cursing is not getting your point thru..
  7. Word up.......It went from wkend to etcs...What point yall trying to make here...
  8. Yes it is...I mean he tried to kill him and his daughter...I dont want to even imagine what he could have been going thru to end your life like that.... Stress can be a silent killer if that what it was....But dam its just always sad to read or even witness something horrible like that...
  9. That and also ridership somewhat increase a little at those 2 station especially after they fixed the connection at Fulton St which is a key transfer station For the ...Before that the in my opinion felt the at chambers could cover the 2 station on the wkend...That's my take on it
  10. Word up..Its gotten to the point where i cant even ride 6-7 stops regardless of the line without homeless begging for money or simply getting on and forcing everyone to another car...Sometimes ill give a few dollars but dam i cant help them all
  11. Wow..Not Jamaica yard.....Aren't they max out of R160's from the
  12. Wow...You actually have a break down of the express station by station... Welp lets see how successful this turns out to be...
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