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  1. biGC323232

    New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    yeah from time to time youll see the 54xx series on the 1....The day i saw 5249 on the was like 1230pm and it was the bus that serve the hudson county correctional probably was a fill in for that trip only....
  2. biGC323232

    New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    I understand your point...I didnt know orange was helping with the 62....But yes i cant agree with you more that greenville should help out of jersey city especially when the 1 have problems coming out of newark...twice a month i deal with the 6:58 am out of exchange not showing up at all forcing everyone on the next one which is like 7:45am all the driver says is that the driver before him or her didnt show up for work or bus broke down....If im not mistaking i saw a nabi surburban #5249 a couple of months ago doing the 1 to ivy hill....I thought i was bugging when i saw it...
  3. biGC323232

    New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    Im not saying Hilton should completely give up the route...But during rush hours outside of newark(6:30-10:00am-3:00pm-7:00pm) the 1 line sees increased ridership and needs help and i think ironbound should provide it..sometimes when the path train comes across a problem the 1 gets slammed like no other or if drivers call out buses become missing in action.....from time to time a bus from ironbound or orange will show up on the 1......few years back greenville helped with a couple of trips...
  4. biGC323232

    New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    I think NJT should split the #1 line with either ironbound or orange.....all jersey city runs should be managed by hilton...But the other 3 that dont come as far as jc should be taking over by ironbound in my opinion
  5. biGC323232

    Fed up Commuters Assaulting MTA Workers More Than Ever

    That is some what true that cops are always never around when something serious going on the subways......I know they cant be everywhere but lately ive been seeing crimes happening at station where at least one should be present....For the passengers...One could understand how fustrating being delayed can be but is punching and spitting in a conductors face gonna solve anything....
  6. No not just Mcdonalds or wendys or whatever else fastfood you want to throw in....Im talking about certain restaurants around the city....Try the BBQs on 23rd or Ruby tuesdays in times sq...Then get back to me
  7. I agree...Nowadays i cant even ride the subway on any line for more than 2 stops without dancers or bums getting on asking for money or doing dances and stunts thats dangerous for passengers..i also notice that at restaurants and certain stores too lately always someone their to open the door and expect money on your departure..And im actually sick of all of it ....
  8. biGC323232

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    I have to admit that's great technology tho...never seen nothing like that...
  9. biGC323232

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Lol...you know what i meant...
  10. VG8 will be very proud of the if they do that...
  11. biGC323232

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Probably cause of the receiving R142s from the ...lve been seeing a lot of those on the lately....or maybe it's just sitting around the yard
  12. biGC323232

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Oh ok.....It actually looks better that way
  13. biGC323232

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Wow...Thats really an R46...Are they doing some of the sets on the like that????
  14. biGC323232

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Most likely the ....
  15. It's just funny to me when there's talk of adding more trains for an express...all you hear is that their's not enough room along QBL with the there's not enough cars for such service or ridership doesnt warrent....Now there's talk of increase service..And decrease of the service....Go figure


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