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  1. ....Really....How the hell bed bugs end up there
  2. Im not 100% sure but most likely a set or 2 out there.....U might have to go out on the line and see....
  3. I know what you mean about the Bx7...Yes i agree they need artics...Just last week the driver couldnt pick up ppl for a few stop cause it was so packed along Bway...And i boarded at 207st to just 230st
  4. To add to that..Same with the R46's....When 1st delivered those cars forced retired cars back into service at that time..40 years later R46's still making service.... will fix this R179 Door problem...
  5. Its about time....That transfer will be use more than ppl think...
  6. I know they where made before those...I was saying they should have had the idea of that before they made them...And for the record R143's been on the for like 4 years now....
  7. Yesterday visiting family in Brooklyn i decided to take the cause i had a little time on hand and to see if a R42 happens to pop up....1st 4 sets was R143's ...What i notice is that ppl on the train was being confused of the strip map that show's only stops... to me should have made those just like the 179/160 Find maps....Considering that they can run on all there lines...Just my opinion
  8. I think it had everything to do with that....
  9. Wow...Yes that not a little bit of water....
  10. Wow..Im staying off the lines with those R46/68/A if i can help it....When something like that goes off u basically in harms way until the train reach the next station which in some cases can be long enough for something serious to happen to passenger....
  11. I feel sorry for those drivers out of greenville doing the 87....In the last 2 1/2 weeks there been 3 shootings along MLK DR....And just eairlier last month someone was shot at on the 87 bus....Not to mention the shooting between the cops and jewish situation im pretty sure u heard about along MLK DR...
  12. Better than my new home route in NJ....Gun shot 87
  13. I wish they held some 's at Utica that long for a to enter...
  14. Just imagine that....It show's the next set of cars coming
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