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  1. Thanks...Ive been to the area serveral times on the just not to the clinic on Manhattan collage pkwy.....One of my co workers suffered a stroke 2 months ago and they moved him to that location...
  2. This question is for my Bronx experts...VG8 in particular cause he lives in riverdale....I gotta go visit a friend at Methodist Home in Riverdale...How far is that from the train after you get off...
  3. That's actually graffiti...Wow i thought that was an graffiti cover ad.....Ny still have graffiti vandals...
  4. Is the gonna see R179 in weekday service??
  5. That would be great to send service to Certain points of Jersey City...
  6. I mean if the needs that much help along 4 av should just simply extend service to serve 95st all times except late nights....
  7. What i want to know is why this sudden attack on workers...
  8. Wishing you and your business nothing but the best...Thanks for everything
  9. I dont know if its just me...But the last couple of days ive notice more R46's on the than R32's and R179's

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