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  1. Oh ok....Ive always said the 1 should get split with another garage considering theres like 5 different #1 west of penn station...
  2. Its been like this for like a year 1/2 now...Where as ironbound greenville or orange or BT buses might pop up on the 1....Also meadowlands and Market st helping greenville with the 87
  3. Im not doubting the 459 ran MCI's just the many times i saw the 459 it had nabis or the flexible suburbans...
  4. Its really not a suprise to me that MCI's popped up on both 400 and 403...They use to back in the 90's i can recall...Now the 459 you got me there...
  5. To be honest VG8 most of Njt bus lines that uses MCI'S are not express runs...Some of them have express trips certain times of the day but are local lines...Ive seen it a couple of times when i was on the 128 line
  6. From my observation ive seen most ppl who are disable that needs a bus (that cant raise their hands or arms) normally is with someone else that can do it for them....Ive seen certain disable ppl that can function well enough that will stick out their cane or they own hand or arm or even walking chairs in some areas believe it or not.....The few disabled ive seen in wheelchairs by themselves normally will sit right at the edge of the sidewalk next to the bus stop sign that will make a driver stop to see if that person wants the bus...
  7. Im not talking about the disabled or grocery carrying ppl...I was talking about people standing at the stops waiting....Not sitting in wheelchairs etc...And even then you still have to somehow signal a driver to stop....Believe it or not disable ppl camp out at certain bus stops in nj where a driver will stop only to close the doors cause they dont want the bus...I seen it plenty of times
  8. I know what u mean.....U right it does waste time ..They should do like NJT does...If you dont put out your hand regardless of how many buses acutally stops at a stop...Drivers will blow right by you like you not there
  9. They had that exact service when 911 destroyed the WTC station...Main reason i think cause 33rd st cant handle extra trains on weekdays and you also got NJT trains at both penn stations....Most ppl pay the 2 dollar whatever difference rather than make the extra transfer on path
  10. Probably brake dust happens to me from time to time....The rough ride i cant speak for...
  11. So now we got a new subway slasher looking the cut you from your face to your neck...Smh...Subways are starting to visit the past in terms of serious crimes...Im staying off them until things really cool off...Only god knows when thats gonna happen...
  12. Yes it was...The subway looked scary before even entering the station in certain areas of the city let alone when the trains show up....My home stop was the at Pennsylvania Ave or Livonia Av on the back in the late 80s early 90s and i tell u THAT station was the scariest cause the projects was next to it...
  13. Yeah the subway pushing and slashing is way out of control.....Its to the point where i carry a blade now for protection....I know police cant be everywhere but i cant recall the last time ive seen a cop on a train or even a few at a certain station...
  14. The thing is that im seeing more fare beating at station u would think covered with police officers and by ppl u also wouldnt think does it....Just last fri im waiting on the 4 at fulton st and came across this fine ass women standing at the turnstile....I thought maybe cause of the recent rash of subway pushing she decided to stand off the platform...Soon as the train pulled in she hop over like a pro...I was like wow and still try to talk to her but she brushed me off thinking i was a undercover cop...

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