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  1. That's normal to happen in certain parts of the subway when an local will beat an express to a certain station....Happens to me all the time on the going home...I'll past a at nostrand and that same will not only beat us to utica but leave before we arrive...😁..sometimes due to train sitting at utica
  2. Cause the is just pulling away from Franklin Street... needs to slow down to avoid an derailment caused by the speed from being express from 14th...Thats my take on it
  3. LOL...I have plenty of times ATH ....I mean an absolute disaster if a set or 2 show up...Wow you talking like the R46 cant move or something......Trust me im well aware of the dwell time crap...Thats why the for the most part have been 10 cars.....Well they run fine to me on the .....Signal problem,increase wait times,and breakdowns, also play a major role lets not forget....All that dwell time to me is not an issue...Safety is...Have a good day gentlemen
  4. I get all that...But they run on the just fine and the is just as busy of a line than the ....So the same should apply to the in those terms...All im saying they ran on the before with no problem...
  5. They ran serveral R46 on the when the r32s needed work.....some of yall kills me with the dwell time crap..Wth all theses other DELAYS...Dwell times not even a big issue anymore...In my opinion they should put a couple of r46 on the and put a couple more 160 on the ...Its not gonna kill the entire line if they done that...The latest signal problems have been...Just my opinion
  6. My guess will be 8th ave...Only Cause they take away the leave only the for 6 av on weekends...I could be wrong tho
  7. The new #1 that serve pacific now always late now....They should have kept the 1 the way it is and have the 81 serve that....That would have been a better way for making up the 4 being axed
  8. Exactly why i would have trains serve Astoria-95 st all times except late nights....Subway is becoming teriible in terms of waiting times in certain parts of the city...Im gettin tired of hearing there's not enough this and that to make service better than this....300 dollars a ride for this....
  9. 5858 is at Greenville from meadowlands...Seen it on the 6 87 80 the past few months
  10. Ive never seen a bus flooded like that before anywhere....let alone ride on one
  11. Jesus Christ...U still got ppl who would dare try that....
  12. Several months ago...I haven't rode the R179 on the yet....Just on the so far...
  13. I agree that the on late nights should operate to 14 st or even south ferry instead of times square....you also provide connections to penn station 34st and the path train at 14st
  14. It felt so strange this morning catching new equipment on the ...Im so use to R32s/46s that i forgot the got a few 5 car R179 sets now...

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