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  1. Joseph Korman's website has a section called Car Assignments which shows which line gets X amount of cars and what type. As of September 29, 2013, most of the R32s used on the (J)/(Z) lines were returned to the . http://www.thejoekorner.com/carassignments/
  2. I know that the R went to 179th Street in the 1980s, but for how long did it run? How long was the route (in miles)? Why was it cut back?
  3. What about the Bay Ridge-95th Street terminal? How many tph in rush hours? Midday? Off-hours?
  4. I'd imagine the Queens super express bypass shave off the excess density (train bunching, super-dense loads during rush hours, etc.) we see on the and lines today. It would have left more space for trains to run and less crowding along the Queens Boulevard line today.
  5. Are there any R160s on the C (8th Ave-Fulton St local) line? The JoeKorner website states that ~40 cars are being used on the C line (the 4-set trains). Here is the proof: http://www.thejoekorner.com/carassignments/ and click on June 30, 2013.
  6. An R40 would have been more cool if they used the slanted version. Is there any image of the R40's slant end on the ?
  7. I wish the R went via the 6th Avenue express tracks on weekends rather than Broadway via bridge.
  8. What did their cab interiors look like before the R46 and R44 were overhauled? I know what they look like today post-GOH, but what about pre-GOH? Is there any picture verifying this and has any T/O in this forum drove a pre-GOH R46 or R44?
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but the may have been express along 4th Avenue to Pacific Street late nights during the reconstruction of Coney Island in 2002. The was the only train serving Coney Island at the time.
  10. What would the side display signs look like if an R train using the NTT equipment (R160, etc.) was diverted via the 6th Avenue express tracks and over the bridge? Note this is hypothetical, such as emergencies, detours or the like. Either via the 63rd St. or 53rd St. tunnels would be fine.
  11. Was the ever express on the 4th Avenue line? I think so, especially prior to the elimination of the Nassau Street loop.
  12. Hi, I am Rtrain4thAv and I am new to this forum. I often take the R to work and school and noticed that the R is often local at the places it goes, regardless of line (Queens Blvd., Broadway or 4th Avenue). What and why was the R (Fourth Avenue Local via Tunnel) always local?
  13. Clearance issues. 75 footers are banned from entering the BMT Eastern Division (Canarsie, Myrtle, Nassau St., Jamaica & Broadway Brooklyn) because of sharp turns. They cannot enter either via the Chrystie St connector to the 6th Ave. local tracks or at the point where the Broadway & Nassau St. lines meet in the Montague Street tubes south of Whitehall St.
  14. My name is Rtrain4thAv and I am new to this forum. This is my first posting, so my fantasy subway route would be an extension of the via 63rd Street & the Queens Blvd bypass using the LIRR mainline to Jamaica to Glen Oaks via Union Turnpike. It would be express at all times via the bypass between 21st Street/Queensbridge and Continental Av-Forest Hills, then peak directional rush hours express between Glen Oaks and Forest Hills. This route would utilize a mix of fleets: 75% R46 and 25% R68A. The Queens Blvd-Broadway local via 60th Street would be replaced with a revival of the , plus the Crosstown would be extended Stops, in order from northern terminal (express stops between Glen Oaks and Kew Gardens in bold): Langdale St/80th Ave-Glen Oaks (northern terminal) <R> Little Neck Pkwy Winchester Blvd Springfield Blvd-Grand Central Pkwy <R> 215th St-Bell Blvd Francis Lewis Blvd-Cunningham Park 188th St Utopia Pkwy <R> 164th St 150th St 138th St <R> Kew Gardens-Queens Blvd <R> 75th Road-Ascan Av Continental Av-Forest Hills 21st St-Queensbridge (lower level) Lexington Ave/63rd St 57th St-Midtown 49th St-7th Av Times Sq-42nd St 34th St-Herald Sq 28th St 23rd St-Madison Sq 14th St-Union Sq 8th St-NYU Prince-Houston Sts Canal St-Chinatown Chambers St-City Hall Cortlandt St-WTC Rector St-Trinity Pl Whitehall St-South Ferry Court St-Brooklyn Heights Jay-Lawrence Sts-MetroTech Center DeKalb-Flatbush Aves Pacific St-Barclays Center Union St-Park Slope 9th St-4th Ave 17th St-Prospect Ave 25th St-Prospect Park 36th St-4th Ave 45th St-Sunset Park 53rd St-4th Ave 59th St Bay Ridge Ave-68th St 77th St-Bay Ridge Pkwy 86th St-Bay Ridge 95th St-Fort Hamilton
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