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  1. The new seniority book came out today. So it looks like the pick really is actually coming next month (which im thrilled about because im trying to go nights in queens somewhere) but I also think that means that the may 21st class is gonna be the last one and that they are gonna stop hiring (at the very least, for a while). Take that with a grain of salt because I'm new so I may not know what I'm talking about but thats what the senior guys seem to think. I hope thats not the case for you guys and that you guys get in so I can have some people under me in seniority haha. good luck yall
  2. I did it Tuesday. I did 6am - 9pm, with all the snow duty and OT it worked out to getting paid the equivalent 23 regular hours. Also got 2 hours of direct reporting money the next day (Wednesday). That nonsense snowstorm lined my pockets nicely.
  3. i just started a few weeks back so i can answer some questions 1.23.17 is what i start at 2 top pay for a regular track worker is 33 and change i believe, specialist pay is 36.50 i believe. pay seems to increas about 80 cents per year in each contract so by the time I reach full pay, top pay for a regular track worker will be like 37.and change is my guess 3. night diff is like a 1.11 more per hour starting out I think. don't quote me on that I don't remember the exact rate. 4. for school and ojt (the first 6 weeks) no. for your mini pick (where your spot will be until the next general pick) you have a choice between days and nights and different location. for our class there were 50 jobs to pick from and the class picks jobs in seniority list order 5. days is considered for senior guys. its more laid back. but for advancement oppurtunities the same job positions considered promotions are there for both days and nights. the main difference for days and nights is day works on the elevated structure and night works in the tunnel. 6. i just started ojt and I think I am working 6am-10pm tomorrow and the day after for storm watch. so thats 16 hours OT plus storm pay
  4. As for what I said before regarding the 3 upcoming classes. I firgit to mention after he spoke about those classes the instructor kind of off handily said "and that wont be all I think there will be like another 400 hired by july." Now I don't remember if that's the exact number he said but what he said was along those lines. I also do not know how true it is but I would assume there is some truth behind it because the instructor said it.
  5. Damn I didn't even know they were doing the 1 in 3 rule on this test. I didnt hear of anyone getting hit with that rule for this opening before you said that. Sorry to hear that. It's mad shitty that they don't even have to give a reason to use that and I heard its pretty much a done deal when it comes to overturning that rule if they choose to use it (but that was in regards to other tests mostly promotional ones) Did they ask you to come in at an earlier date once before and you deferred or put your name back on the list to be called later? I remember hearing once that they frown upon that but idk for sure. I'd call someone and ask about possibly fighting to get it overturned, worth a shot, couldnt hurt at this point.
  6. haha alright ill say whats up tomorrow if hes at coney island yard the same time as me
  7. is he the guy the instructor calls no shoes?
  8. im in the class now and its 3 weeks at the school then 3 weeks ojt at either e180th st in the bronx and east new york/38thstreet in brooklyn. after the 6 weeks you go to your mini pick until the general pick. and yea we went on the structure today. fuccccck that shit. I don't plan on doing that again. they can keep days, i wanted to work nights anyway ha
  9. Quick question, how long is/was your class. I know the next one is on the 12th. Trying to get an idea of how long the classes are. I did my first drug test on 2/27/18 so waiting for a response.

  10. 50 in my class right now. there are for sure three more classes of 50. after that I'm not sure
  11. and the instructor said those 3 upcoming classes are gonna b 50 people each
  12. they seem to be caught up from when they fell behind and were calling everyone down too early and turning people back. I think it should move quickly for you now. they had me come down for the 2nd time to do the preemployment on the 29th and they called me to come back for medical + final processing like 6 days later. hopefully it works out quickly for you guys.
  13. I passed everything. Finished my paperwork and the process after going back today. I had to go back today to finish because in one of the packets we had to fill out they ask if you have been arrested and ask you about it so I filled it out telling about a disorderly conduct arrest I had a few years ago and when I handed it in they asked me for the original certificate of disposition and I only had a copy. The court where I got arrested is some little rinky dink bs court upstate and they wouldn't mail it to me and MTA wouldn't accept it if it was emailed or faxed so I had to drive five hours through that ice storm last night to get it when they opened this morning and then drive back to Brooklyn to finish the paperwork. I got back to 180 Livingston street at like 1pm today. Such a pain in the ass over something so trivial. But atleast its over and I'm hired and ready to go. I'll see you at orientation on the 26th. With the Ishihara test, I couldn't see the numbers in the view finder thing so instead they had me look at big traffic light/ tunnel signal thing that was in the same room and I had to identify red, blue, orange, and green. I was able to do that easily so I passed.
  14. sorry i was upstate for the weekend with no internet. thanks for the info. I hope i can do the test, if not though i hope theyll let me do that other test with the traffic light because i'm sure I can do that. when I got home today I had an email telling me to come in wednesday. hopefully I go right through. How long were you there for? aaaand do you happen to remember the numbers from the ishihara test? ha congrats to you hopefully ill get into that next class too. whend they say it was? the 25th?
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