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  1. For those who are worried.. as of now MTA is hiring 500 more people from now until April 2018. So there will be classes every 2-3 weeks. After that the list will expire
  2. Update from current class. Highest list number in my class is 198*, there will be 2 more classes happening from now until Jan, then idk how long after that until the next class
  3. The list was established nov 2013. They only hired up to I think 2,000 list number ... I would def take the next track worker test, hopefully you’ve applied .. score 95 or above
  4. Just ask questions and make sure to really pay attention
  5. Ayyyy I’ll see most of y’all nov 27th. About time scoop told you not to worry
  6. You guys should contact them. They should be in the 2,000s
  7. You can cash the money order in your name with a $3 fee I think if you need the money if you get placed on medical hold.. But make sure when they call you back for finger prints that you have that $87 money order PS DONT WRITE ANYTHING ON THE MONEY ORDER JUST IN CASE YOU DONT GET HIRED(GOD FOR BID) OR GET PLACED ON HOLD, THEY'LL DO IT WHEN THEY TAKE IT FROM YOU
  8. This how my day went, I arrived at 10am went to the first receptionist you see when you arrive. I was given my the ticket and told to go straight to counter #3. Gave the lady my ticket and she gave me the medical booklet to fill out in blue ink and sent me over to medical to wait for my ticket number to be called. Ticket number was called and I was sent to a computer to fill out the extremely long questionnaire. After I went back to the receptionist to have my questionnaire printed. My name was called by one of the doctors to do a piss test for protein levels and something else (not drugs) after I used the bathroom she put some strip thing in the pee and told me to flush it down the drain ( so it definitely wasn't my 2nd drug test) . I went back out to wait in the waiting area to then get called to do my hearing, after I finished doing hearing I went to do the EKG, then vision test then the lung capacity test. After all was completed I went back out in the medical waiting area to get seen by the actual doctor who actually goes over the questionnaire and asks you questions. She confirmed that everything was good and gave me a slip which she circled qualified and told me to go give it to counter #3. Gave my slip in and was informed that I finish the medical booklet and the 21 page packet we received for pre employment. Once I completed both she made sure everything was dated and what not and proceeded to send me over to the room to take my picture for the ID pass we will receive on first day of orientation. After I took the picture I went back to #3 so I can go get finger printed. I was called over by the interviewer to go over the 21 page packet in some what detail just to make sure there were no gaps in job history and such. During this time I grabbed 3 books (Rules and regulations, code of ethnics and new employee info package) and was given my see through BLUE FOLDER with orientation date and my track worker induction date. I also swore in and signed the new hire paper and was sent back out to counter #3. Now I had to wait to get fingerprinted,. Once you are fingerprinted you get a receipt to give back to your interviewer and he sends you on ya way home.
  9. Omg does it, I told the lady she's like yeah she know lmao but we got pass it
  10. November 27th which is the 2nd class ... once you swore in and signed that paper then you know for sure you’re hired ....And what white paper? What it say?
  11. Also get your green paper that states my assigned class and training which is a month from today
  12. After you see the doctor, she gives you a slip that says qualified. You then wait to get your picture taken for your pass, wait again for someone to go over your 21 packet, he or she gives you your employee books, you sign that your officially an employee then you wait to get finger printed
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