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  1. hey guys so got a reply back from transit.... going in monday for medical and told that class starts on the 26th...not the 5th as lady at transit had informed me on tuesday..... quick question.... sorry if its been answered..... for medical will i be required to submit another DT?
  2. yeah would of been quick for me but unfortunately i had a pending ticket which even more unfortunately i had to settle at the dmv by the barclays right away after lady at counter told me of feb 5th class in hopes of getting thru processing fast in order to be slotted in. had to pay this bullshit fine but hopefully im in next class but there were people for several positions there.... bus operators... station agents...
  3. simple DT..... was told theres a class on the 5th so more than likely those who came today and or tomorrow/thurs/fri. will have to have their DT processed quick so medical can be donr and then slotted for feb 5th class
  4. was told theres a class coming up the 5th
  5. hey guys quick question..... i have suffered from asthma in the past....rare (as in maybe 1-2 a year i may need to use my pump )usually brought on from severe allergies.... is that something i should mention upon medical or will that affect my ability to secure position? im not worried about it as its not really prevalent but will the MTA use that against me?
  6. any mail thats coming in that day to your mail box that is coming from usps will be screenshotted and emailed/and or available to see in the usps website once you set up an account. my mail was coming really late (7pm) and now i get an email every morning at 8am with a screenshot of what envelopes are coming to me later. its a free service.....
  7. its just a post office service you can sign up and as soon as the mail leaves the usps center....you get an email with a pictureof what mail is coming to your mail box later
  8. yeah mine is coming in later according to usps informed mail delivery....what date is it asking people to come in?
  9. hey folks...so dropped by today at livingston and mrs.robinson allegedly on vacay. i was told though that letters were sent out on the 10th.... so anyday this week those picked should receive notice through mail. i know todays mail did not include it for me...will let you guys know when i do any
  10. im showing face on tuesday... will let you guys know what im told
  11. hey guys called today (8231 number)..... and a lady on the phone said to call on tuesday to speak to ruby about exam 3600. not to sure how valid she was or if she was trying to shrug me off..... still waiting on a letter to come in for DT.... anybody anything yet? any upcoming class?
  12. hey mi gente.... hope your 2018 is going positive. i thought not being on an outstanding notification was a good thing? meaning your name is clear to be pulled into next class? also anyone receive any notices yet in 2018 to come in for DT or Med?
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