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  1. Thanks! I knew something was up since the bus was a couple of minutes early. I will check out the sign on the bus more carefully next time. I usually have carpool, but need to take subway 3-4 times per month (weekdays only) thankfully I can now treat myself to a calm bus ride on those days rather than a not so pleasant subway.
  2. It is extremely sad, but if my phone fell I would just consider it lost or actually waited for help to get it. Why he was impatient makes no sense to me.
  3. Update(sorry there is no option to edit my post above) I took the bm3 from ave u/ocean ave at around 8:24, and I loved it. Until the driver announced it was a downtown only bus!! I had to take the R train to my destination from trinity. Just curious how this happened? I thought I was getting on a super express to Madison Ave. I am not upset but I want to plan better for my next trip on the bus.
  4. Thanks again guys. I go to work a little late so I will be on a 8:45 bus Hope it turns out well If it does I will be back for more Trainmaster; if hopstop sucks can you suggest another way to check bus schedules and such? Is google maps any better?
  5. Thanks for your response. I am just not sure of the super express schedule. My assumption is that the time i entered into hopstop there is no super express stopping on ave u/ocean ave. They did not mention the super express on Ave U for some reason. Sorry a first timer so I'm a bit confused. PS yes I'm in midtown, 34th st
  6. Hey All This is my first time posting as I would love to try out the BM3 as I really hate the q train. I live in the Coney Island area (ave u) and curious to know if anyone would be willing to help me with my commute. I used my hopstop app to see how I can figure this out. It's telling me I should take the b68 to Beverly Rd to catch the super express. My question is that if I do get on at this stop will the bus be super crowded? Or should I just take the ave u bus (b3) and catch another bm3 (non super express) Thanks in advance! I hope to check out this forum on a regular basis
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