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  1. Something random I always wondered. Does anybody remember back in 2005 when NJ Transit decided to extend the 1 service (with limited service) to start/end at the Hilton Garage via Ivy Hill? All trips would still end at either 20th street or Ivy Hill with most trips continuing after Ivy Hill to the Garage. The thought always came to me from time to time wondering what was that all about because that extended service only lasted a few short months. Not sure if it was because of low ridership or something else instead. Here's a schedule from the wayback machine from 2005 of the 1 showing the service - https://web.archive.org/web/20050512114732/http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/T0001.pdf
  2. That is going to be pretty pricey 78 to Secaucus is $3.15 from Penn Station Northeast Corridor from Penn Station to Secaucus is $4.25 And we don't know yet how much it would cost on the 356 though if I had to guess then it might be similar to either of the two I mentioned
  3. Not sure what route they would run from here to there. Maybe if there was a demand for it then they'll figure out a way to do it. Hell, I would check the place out if they did! For me, my best option would be for when the place is opened is to catch the 78 to Secaucus Junction and catch the 356 if I was going on a weekday. But, for now I'm pretty sure they are only focusing on how the expanded 85, 703 and 772 service does over there and then followed by the 355 and 356 next month.
  4. Thanks for that extra info. I didn't even know about all of that extra stuff.
  5. I saw this being mentioned in another post. Not sure if it was necessary to make a separate post, but I wanted to. Effective August 31st 85 and 703 - See weekday, Saturday, and Sunday schedules for extended service to the new American Dream Complex in East Rutherford. 772 - Will now operate daily and will serve the new American Dream Complex at Arena Rd. in place of the Meadowlands Racetrack. Note: Until the American Dream bus stop location is completed, service will begin and end at the Met Life Stadium side of Route 120 located in lot G-17 85 schedule - https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/upcoming/T0085.pdf 703 schedule - https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/upcoming/T0703.pdf 772 schedule - https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/upcoming/T0772.pdf
  6. Out of the times I've been on the 361, it can be a faster ride than usual depending on the driver. Because of the annoying slow rush hour traffic on Springfield ave, whoever is driving, the driver will go as far as Springfield and 15th ave, turn down 15th ave and stay on that avenue and turn left onto south 13 street until 18th ave and then continue the regular route. And I think twice I was on the 361 when the driver decided to go up Springfield Ave and turn onto 16th Ave instead doing the same thing I mentioned above this. Sure cuts about 5-7 minutes. So it's a win/win really depending on who's driving since the only detours that are happening to save time is the express part.
  7. Sucks that most of the 1 trips out of penn station is the 361 which doesn't help much. The times that I did see a neoplan being used was when the bus was going to Euclid Ave or Journal Square.
  8. Last month I have seen a neoplan being used on the 1 like 2 or 3 times. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to drive that bus along that route but, it does seem possible. And since Hilton be using nabi's on the 39 often, they could make use of the neoplans and using those on the 1 and 25 during afternoon rush hours would help with the overcrowding.
  9. Hmm... odd since it wasn't added to the service advisory but, I'm not having the option to edit this post to add that in. And the 319 info is already there.
  10. NJ Transit really should think about adding extra service on the 1 and 25. Those two lines can be pretty damn packed with how often I catch either and it doesn't help with the 1 line when drivers show up when they want to making people like me and whoever else wait about 20+ minutes during rush hour which makes no sense when it should be every few minutes. Even worse when school is in session. You would likely find yourself having to wait about 40 minutes for a 1 to show up because there's too big of a gap in wait times and then when the bus does show up it's usually about two or three in a row all packed causing you to have to wait again. I can only imagine the frustration. But, I guess not enough people are complaining to have that happen.
  11. Nos. 6, 37, 111 (Saturdays and/or Sundays): Trips have been added or shifted to improve on-time performance and help address crowding conditions. No. 13 (Daily): Several stops throughout the line have been consolidated to improve travel times and customer experience. Nos. 13, 34, 80, 81, 94, 96 and 99 (Weekdays): Seasonal service adjustments will be implemented. No. 34 (Weekdays): A new stop has been added at Pulaski and Nichols streets in Newark to better serve the area near East Side High School. A pair of trips will originate here at 2:45 p.m. and 2:48 p.m., serving the Ironbound neighborhoods of downtown Newark and East Orange. No. 81 (Weekdays/Saturdays): Additional service will be added in response to crowding conditions in Jersey City. No. 119 (Sundays): In order to enhance the customer experience, service will now operate on Sundays. No. 120: Due to construction, the bus stop for service to Bayonne (located on Church Street between Murray and Warren Streets in Manhattan) will be moved just south of Murray Street on Church Street. No. 123 (Weekdays): An additional 8:32 a.m. inbound trip departing 9th St. Station has been added to the schedule. Additionally, a 4:20 p.m. and 9:04 p.m. trip from PABT have been added to improve the customer experience. No. 133 (Weekdays): Trips currently leaving the Rotary Senior Center at 6:50 a.m. and 7:10 a.m. will leave 5-minutes earlier at 6:45 a.m. and 7:05 a.m. All times between Rt. 516 at Morganville Road and New York will remain the same; change is being made due to increased traffic on Rt. 516 in Old Bridge due to schools returning from summer vacation. No. 137 (Daily): Direct service to and from Seaside Park/Island Beach State Park will be suspended for the season after September 2. Parkway Express service to and from Toms River will be adjusted to non-Summer service levels in coordination with the No. 319 fall schedule. No. 139 (Fridays): The Friday-only trip leaving at 3 p.m. from New York to the Union Hill Road Park & Ride Lot (making all stops) will be suspended for the season. Saturday and Sunday: Service will be adjusted to non-summer levels. No. 163 (Weekdays): Trips departing the PABT at 3:40 p.m. and 4:14 a.m. have been added to the weekday schedule. Minor adjustments also made to trips serving Union City. No. 166 (Weekdays): 10 additional trips have been added to the weekday schedule. No. 167/177 (Weekdays): 3 additional “T” trips have been added to the No. 167 inbound schedule. An 8:15 p.m. No. 177 trip departing the PABT has also been added to the schedule. Please see a timetable for more information as many trip times have changed. No. 168 (Weekdays): A new 5:40 a.m. trip has been added to the weekday schedule. Please see a new timetable for more information concerning this and additional changes to trip start times. No. 186 (Weekdays): At the customers’ request, additional service has been added to the weekday schedule in both directions. No. 308 (Daily): Service after September 2 will operate Saturday and Sundays only with service scheduled to operate on selected weekdays. Fright Fest Service will operate on Fridays between September 13 thru October 25. Last day of service will be Sunday, October 27, please refer to njtransit.com for specific dates and times. Nos. 313/315, 319, 403, 507, 509, 551 and 552: Weekday, Saturday and Sunday schedules will be adjusted to fall levels. No. 319: Southern Ocean County Park & Ride, Little Egg Harbor (Garden State Parkway, Exit 58) will be served on all trips. No. 409: The route in Florence will be adjusted to provide direct service to Florence River LINE Station. The route in Burlington City will be adjusted to operate via High Street instead of Bordentown Road. Weekday service will be adjusted to provide more service between Philadelphia and Trenton with 30-minute service during peak hours and 45-minute service midday. Rancocas Road at Bridge Street service in Willingboro will be discontinued. Alternative service is available via No. 417. Weekend service will be adjusted to provide hourly service between Philadelphia and Trenton. No. 412: The route in Glassboro will be adjusted to provide service via the new Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill (scheduled to open later this year). Service along Heston Road and Bowe Boulevard will be discontinued. All other bus stops will be served but direction of travel will change for stops along Main, High and Ellis streets. No. 413: The route will be extended from Burlington City to the Florence River LINE Station, providing daily service via the new Amazon facility in Burlington Township (when it opens) plus the Haines Center on Dultys Lane. No. 611: A 6:30 a.m. trip from the Trenton Transit Center will be added to provide earlier service in downtown Trenton. The 7:10 a.m. trip from the Trenton Transit Center will be eliminated due to low ridership. Nos. 831, 832, 836 and 838: Schedules will be adjusted to improve on-time performance. No. 832: The holiday schedule will be discontinued. A weekday schedule will operate on the Friday after Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  12. Would be nice if NJ Transit brought bus service back to the Walmart in Kearny. Hell maybe limited service with the 30 and 40 would be fine. But, I have no idea if it would even be worthwhile (As in how many people it would attract) or how that would work between NJ Transit and Walmart. Sure beats having to walk about 15-20 minutes after getting off either bus.
  13. Read this article. I was confused about seeing that also for over a week now until I came across this article talking about that. I did get on a 31 earlier this week with that display. Nothing really different, just the usual packed ride the 31 can be. https://www.nj.com/essex/2019/07/getting-home-from-late-night-school-events-can-be-scary-for-these-kids-free-buses-change-that.html
  14. There probably is more and I haven't noticed unless it's really just those two. I'll just have to be on the lookout then.

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