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  1. There probably is more and I haven't noticed unless it's really just those two. I'll just have to be on the lookout then.
  2. I'm only aware of two. One of them being the Springfield Ave and Bruen Ave #17870 in the downtown direction. The other one being Springfield Ave and William St. #19004 in the Irvington direction. It's going to happen on June 14th from what I saw.
  3. Bus No.1 - Additional service will now operate to and from Ivy Hill on weekdays, primarily during peak travel times. Service to and from Exchange Place will no longer operate along Grand Street from the Junction to Pacific Avenue. Buses will continue along Communipaw Avenue to Pacific Avenue and will rejoin the current route along Grand Street near the Jersey City Medical Center. This Change affords additional connections to downtown and the waterfront for residents along Pacific Avenue. Bus Nos. 11, 28, 29, 76, 81, 94 and 111 (Saturdays and/or Sundays): Schedules have been adjusted to improve on-time performance. Nos. 76, 81 and 94 will see expanded service levels and additional-evening service. Bus No. 25 (Daily): Stops along Springfield Avenue in Newark and Irvington have been consolidated to improve travel times and customer experience. Bus Nos. 25, 26, 37, 52 and 107 (Daily): Trip times throughout the day have been adjusted. Nos. 37 and 107 will see additional service on weekends. Bus No. 67 (Daily): Direct service will begin to/from Seaside Park from Newark and Jersey City with select service via Newark Liberty International Airport. No. 67X service will be adjusted to coordinate with the No. 319 expanded service. Weekday No. 67B trip originating in Toms River will now originate in Seaside Park. Bus No. 114: A 4:48 a.m. trip from Mountainside to New York as well as a 4:00 p.m. trip from New York to Mountainside have been added to relieve crowding. Bus No. 119 (Weekdays): In order to enhance the customer experience, additional service has been provided throughout the day. Bus No. 126 (Weekdays): Additional PM peak trips from New York to Hoboken have been added. Bus No. 128 (Weekdays): A 4:20 p.m. trip was added from PABT to North Bergen to improve customer experience. Bus No. 130 (Fridays): A 2:15 p.m. trip from New York to Lakewood will be added to enhance passenger options. Bus No. 133 (Weekdays): Trips currently leaving the Rotary Senior Center at 6:45 a.m. and 7:05 a.m. will leave 5 minutes later at 6:50 a.m. and 7:10 a.m. respectively. All trip times between Rt. 516 at Morganville Road and New York will remain the same; this change is being made due to reduced traffic on Rt. 516 with school out of session. Bus No. 137 (Weekdays): AM Parkway Express service from Toms River will be adjusted. A trip will be added on Mondays to accommodate passengers. Please refer to notes on bus timetable as all trips will not operate Monday through Friday. Select trips will originate in Seaside Park. Post-AM peak trip times will be adjusted to coordinate with the No. 319 expanded service. Service from New York will be adjusted to coordinate with the No. 319 expanded service.Selected PM trips will be extended to Seaside Park. The current 8:15 p.m. trip (No. 137) and 10:00 p.m. trip (No. 319 - Parkway Express trips) will serve Brick and Dorado Park & Rides. Bus No. 137 (Daily): Direct service will begin to/from Seaside Park (Island Beach State Park on weekends) to/from New York. AM shuttle from Toms River and PM shuttle from Seaside Park will be suspended. Bus No. 139: Fridays: A 3 p.m. trip from New York to Union Hill Road Park Ride Lot (making all stops) will be added to enhance passenger options; Weekends: Service will be added to/from New York to enhance passenger options. Bus No. 151 (Weekdays): A 4:00 p.m. trip was added from PABT to Paterson to improve customer experience. Bus No. 154 (Weekdays): A 6:21 p.m. trip was added from PABT to Fort Lee to improve customer experience. Bus No. 156 & 159 (Weekdays): Adjustments have been made throughout the day in both directions to help improve connectivity and reliability. Bus No. 166 (Weekdays): A 7:05 p.m. local trip was added from PABT to Palisades Park to improve customer experience. Bus No. 192 (Weekdays): Trips leaving the PABT at 3:10 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 3:50 p.m. will now operate five days a week. Additional adjustments were made to the weekday schedule. Bus No. 308 (Daily): Service will continue to operate seven days a week. Bus Nos. 313/315, 319, 403, 507, 509, 551 and 552: Weekday, Saturday and Sunday schedules will be adjusted for summer traffic levels. Additional service will be added to selected lines to help with increased demand during the summer. Bus No. 316: Buses will operate through the summer until Labor Day. No. 316 will continue to serve 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, WRTC in Camden, the Gloucester Premium Outlets in Blackwood and Ocean View Park & Ride on the Garden State Parkway. Bus No. 320 (Weekdays): A 12:50 p.m. trip was added from Mill Creek Mall to PABT. Bus No. 403: Service will be adjusted to no longer operate via the 2nd level bus stop at Voorhees Town Center for schedule efficiencies. Customers will be able to board/alight at the bus stop on Laurel Road at the entrance to Voorhees Town Center. Bus No. 452: Service will be extended to 2nd Street and Ferry Avenue between Kaighn Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, providing service to companies along 2nd Street and Ferry Avenue. Bus No. 510: Service will operate through Labor Day between Wildwood Bus Terminal and Rio Grande to help with overcrowding. Bus No. 813: Selected trips will be adjusted to improve connections with Northeast Corridor Rail schedule. Bus No. 814: Sunday service will be added. Weekday and Saturday schedules will be streamlined to provide more service to Walmart, North Brunswick and eliminate certain patterns. Service via Herman Road and Saturday service to DeVry will be eliminated due to low ridership. Bus No. 815: Bus route in Sayreville will be adjusted to provide service to the Sayreville Park & Ride. All short trips between Perth Amboy and Woodbridge will be eliminated due to low ridership. Bus Nos. 815 and 818: Schedules will be adjusted to provide better frequency between East Brunswick and New Brunswick.Saturday and Sunday service will be increased to hourly.
  4. In late January of this year ... or probably around that time last year. I know it's one of those two choices since I remember seeing the notices when I was on the 31. Just not enough ridership I guess. I remember that before the service stopped, they really had cut back on the service to those three locations for a while and then, nothing.
  5. Since I'm usually around the Downtown area and Central Ave often, I tend to see the 24XD almost every time. Since it is the 24 express, The X would mean that and as for the D? I think it stands for "Main and Day Express" since it starts from Main and Day streets in Orange. Basically: Main and Day express to Newark... or something like that. I know the 24 has express service during the morning hours... not sure if it has that then. Hell, I even saw 24XDA before.
  6. I saw the 6543 on the 24B earlier but I'm not sure if Coach USA had all their Nova's replaced by now or not.
  7. I saw that Orange is using 6400's on their GO28 service, I was wondering when that would happen I noticed the 6436 on it on Mybusnow
  8. I remembered last year when I was on the 70 going to Summit in the morning, it was a sunday and I was on a Nabi surprisingly that started from Irvington Terminal and it broke down past Hilton Garage and all of us had to wait for the next 70 which ended up being a Neoplan When that bus came it was super packed, one would think "Why not send out one from the garage? we're only a block away" but I won't question that so I agree with what go25 said.
  9. Thanks and I wonder myself when that will be fixed.
  10. I noticed that yesterday while I was at Penn Station and saw the 132 But I noticed the alert so I wasn't surprised.

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