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  1. While I was at processing.. they said they’re looking to start a class in August.
  2. Don’t know what number they’re at but I was around 40xx - 41xx
  3. Ok, thanks for the info.. pretty much figured that’s what I should expect. Don’t plan on having any drinks this week.. so I should be all good.. and to be honest if a drink I had at dinner on the weekend makes me fail the alcohol test I would probably say screw the job.. since i’m expecting a letter from school safety as well. Can’t believe I took this exam back in 2012.. I used to come to this forum and read all the people talk about getting letters... I remember all the people talking about how many people passed and they would never get to certain numbers, etc. i also took the police communication technician test (911) and passed.. they sent me a letter a while back but I passed on it because I probably wouldn’t have liked the job. we’ll see how it goes... after all these years I’m pretty numb to the entire thing so that’s a plus for me as I didn’t even expect to be called at all based on some of the things I’ve read on this forum.
  4. I just got a letter from MTA... with all the pre-employment stuff to fill out. I have to go to Livingston Street this Friday. just wondering what should I expect? Is this when they drug test? Not that I am worried about the drug test but it also said alcohol and even tho I doubt a glass of wine or shot a few days prior would matter.. just would like to know so i’ll have a heads up.. I just guess they don’t want people showing up drunk or been drinking on the day of testing?
  5. so realistically.... 12,000 people passed the test.. anyone want to take a shot in the dark (or educated guess) on when the folks in the 30xx-40xx range have a chance of hearing anything? my guess is 2-3 years.
  6. Good to hear things are actually moving forward with the track worker list. I figured a lot of people were going to take the test and pass it.. I probably should have went over my answers for a second time since I had tons of time left after the test... still scored in the 90s... my list number was in the lower 4000s (pretty high in my mind but considering people are in the 7000s, I'll take it). I did my part... took the test, passed, and made the list.. if they get to me they get to me. I took the Police Communications Technicians Exam in December... (the process was totally different) We basically took a computerized test at one of their testing centers and we got our score right after the test. I believe 70% was passing so I definitely passed the test. I know with the 911 Operators... they tend to higher people fast because a lot of people don't stay because of the mandatory over time, etc. I know a few people that took the last PCT test and they were on the job in months. The only question for me will be... if I get called (which most likely will be the case) for the 911 Operators before Transit calls... will I leave the Police Communications Technicians job for Transit Track Worker.
  7. I knew the process of these things going in so the waiting part doesn't bother me one bit... I originally applied for the exam while I was working for another job... I figured it couldn't hurt to take the test and have something down the line if I passed. I passed with a score in the lower 90s... and blame myself for not going over my answers for a second time since I finished the test with tons of time left. My list number is in the early 4000s, high... but a lot of people are listed even higher. On the flip side in 2 years or even 3-4 years when.... and if they call me (tho I always heard they'll call you... just a matter of when they call you) I may not even want the job if I have a better one by that time... but again.. it's still nice to know you passed and made the list and didn't score below the 90s (no offense to those that did score below the 90s... because my score isn't that great in the lower 90s). we took the test and we passed... now it's out of our hands.. they will call when they call.
  8. My take on it is... Those that passed the test will be called.. It's just going take some time and a three year wait isn't put of the question and should be expected (if not even longer) with that.. By the time the results come out that will be one year down already so hopefully the wait won't seem as long from that point. I kept my answers from the test and matched them to the answer key.. got three wrong (not the best but comfortable with it) Hopefully my score is good enough to be called back even if it's a few years to be called. As the old saying goes you have to be in it to win it... those of us that took the time to take the test (and passed) are already moving in the right direction. We waited for the admission letters, we waited for the answer keys to be posted, now we're waiting for the official results and list numbers in a few months.. Progress takes time but things are definitely moving.
  9. Received a phone message and email from Transit... The results for tracker worker are being scored. According to the message it will take about 6 months. Now it's back to the waiting game but that's how these things go.
  10. Like all civil service stuff.... These things take years! Definitely not the job you apply for And start in a week or two. The test was very easy and I'm thinking most people like myself were too Busy trying to rush thru the test and got a bit cocky about it and didn't Take the time to fully go back over every question. I got 3 wrong so I passed but as I said... These things take years so I don't expect to be called anytime soon... I figure 2 to 3 years. These are the jobs you apply for.. Take the test.. Hopefully and pass and in a few years you get called. Something have down the line.. But in the meanwhile....continue working your current job and or apply for other jobs and exams. From what I've been reading... Most people here have passed... Either scores of 100, 1 to 3 wrong.. I'd say 3 wrong is about as many as you really want to get wrong and even that's a bit much for this easy test but I'm just glad it was only 3 wrong... Which is well over h passing mark but again... A lot of people passed this test.
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