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  1. I'm sry Ive been focusing on my new job... I am on probation
  2. @Nyc20... What's ya list number??? I waited for 4months!
  3. What class is that??? (Oct 28th) For Conductors or Train Operator
  4. @moski79er Congrats.... The Sept class starts on the 30th btw... What's ya list #
  5. Just call Mrs.Shivers @ (347)643-8218 she is in charge of the Conductors list She can tell you what's really going on with your paperwork, if you disqualified and if they decided to go with other candidates
  6. @ptyler they called me on 8/30 to report on 9/6/13.... I thought you went to the other job when I didn't see you today
  7. @traintrain I know it was fast... Thank you see u on the 30th @dan05979 I know right lol The wait is finally over
  8. Praise the lord It's official... I am an MTA employee... Sworn in on 9/6/13, Starting in the Sept 30th class... Yaayyy My list #1169
  9. Received my phone call today for medical and final processing to report down to 180 livingston st 9/6/13... My list #1169.... yaaayyuu im excited... thank you jesus
  10. Thanks... She never told me what was the last appointed list # tho
  11. Np... I spoke to Mrs. Shivers today she said I will be called for the Sept 30th class... She said she will be making calls next week or the week after... My list #1169

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