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  1. I'm sry Ive been focusing on my new job... I am on probation
  2. Thank you My Husband said I was stressing about studying and the exam 4600 was super easy lol... I hope he really did good
  3. @nycpips do you think they will send him a list number soon... Or he have to take the BOSS first and then they will send him a list number after he pass the BOSS
  4. How long ago was that??? I mean what year did you guys take it??? Because My Husband took exam 4600 this past saturday
  5. Can someone help me??? What exam did RM3271 take and got called for?? @YoungNYCSubwayFan
  6. @postal1 did I see u on main street last week... I was the girl that said hi and was talking to TSS Goding
  7. @LMDNYC it means Revenue Vehicle... Conductors work on revenue trains and that's apart of RTO which is the dept. we work for Rapid Transport Operations
  8. Congrats @ladymax I'm having so much fun already we about to do road simulations and everything @postal1 Congrats see I told you... Now you can breathe easy
  9. @Postal1 Congrats you'll be fine... just dnt be put on medical hold
  10. It's fun... Im ready to get on the road
  11. @postal1 When is the Octomber class??? And what was the last list# hired??
  12. Tomorrow is the big day... Congrats to everyone hired and see you tomorrow to start our new journey with MTA NYCT
  13. @Nyc20... What's ya list number??? I waited for 4months!
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