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  1. Many of us have been out since late May by road posting with schoolcar TSS. The rest that came later posted with train operators.
  2. The August class had to go back to schoolcar for a two day "enhancement training". We just reviewed bulletins and had a road op day. Most of the August class are on the road now.
  3. They're not mailing our pay stub anymore so I'm not surprised by this.
  4. Yes, but you have a bit of a headstart as a conductor. There are plenty of rote memorization to do; signal definitions, Restricted Speed and Extreme Caution, differences between the car models, procedures in preparing a train for yard moves/service, flagging, etc, Take the time to study because it can be the difference between failing the signal tests and yard practicals and just breezing through it. Mind you, each TSS instructor teach the signal definitions their own way, so maybe hold off on that, but it wouldn't hurt to read the rulebook again on the other things in there about train operation.
  5. I have come to find that longer routes like the and the are actually not bad at all. Just doing two trips on those lines is better than doing multiple trips on the others especially lines like the and the where they make you do four or five trips and you have only enough time to just walk to the other end and head back to Church or Rockaway Parkway. In the end, it depends on your own preference. As for OT question, I'll echo what others have said where you gotta find out for yourself, but best jobs to do are the ones where you do less work and still get paid just as much as other jobs. 😁
  6. The red signals on time are usually in places where you are getting close to another train in front of you at a station, approaching a home signal and therefore a switch that may not be set for you, or a curve that the train cannot pass too fast. Their main objective is safety over speed, but even then as mentioned before, there are timers that are not calibrated properly. They are design to clear as the train is about to pass the signal, and while this is fine for two shot timers (yellow with lunar white/S/D), the one shot timers (red with lunar white/speed limit) with the stop arm up becomes a precarious thing to do as it may cause the train to go BIE, so people usually let it clear ahead of them.
  7. After schoolcar, I was put on the midnight tour (2200-0400) and given Wednesday and Thursday off; AM is 0400-1159 and PM is 1200-2159. Supposedly we're to call every Friday to find out if this changes for next week, but it has held for the past two months now. Crew Assignment Section (CAS) generally assigns a job two days in advance and usually we know what it is by the end of the day by calling them or looking up the assignment sheets they post online. The phone app only shows what we have up to the next day. At the start of our "week", CAS likely assigns jobs early in the tour (closer to 2200) and at the end of the week a job that is late (closer to 0400), but this is not always the case. We can indeed be sent to any terminal or yard although I suspect for those us that just came out, it's to be more familiar with the line. They do try to send us to the nearest location to make sure we actually report, but if they need to send us far, they will. We can work up to 16 hours. Usually Rail Control Center/dispatcher knows ahead of time and by the 14th hour they'll have someone ready to take over, but if not we are suppose to call it in before the 14th hour so they can get a replacement crew ready. We can have 8 hours rest in-between road jobs. 12 hours if we were on the extra board IIRC. Let's just say without going into it much, that the rule is more when things mess up or when the public decides to be a snitch.
  8. Didn't someone say the list was expiring soon so maybe this is a way to keep people active? It's certainly going to be interesting to see how things play out especially given the MTA's budget crisis talk going on. In the end, hopefully the sooner y'all come in, the sooner y'all take the midnight tour from me. lol
  9. My buddy told me schoolcar notified Crew Assignment that he was going through the motions of becoming a T/O.
  10. They should. Most, if not all, conductors in the August induction came in via the open competitive exam.
  11. Yea, many train operators are retiring. Other people on the list move on to something else. Or don't make it through medical, school car, probation, or do something crazy like crash a train into another doing a layup. Previous list had Transit calling people in 8 years later too. I was 114X and there are only about ten train operators below me in the seniority list for the B division and I believe they only hired like 8 more T/O that went into the A division. Which means they definitely go through a lot of people who don't make it through the hiring process.
  12. Even if he actually did hit that many home signals, why transmit that info on a public forum for? Keep it hush, hush. 🤪 People have been fired for hitting their first home signal. End of. ____ Not everyone is cut out to be a trainer either however well meaning they are. Some people think they can somehow adjust your operations within the one day when we've been doing road ops for two weeks straight beforehand. Some think you need to know every bit of detail when you ain't gonna remember everything in one day or that you should already know even though that's why they're paid the two hours. Some people just think it's a free two hours of pay they can take home and they'll operate lol. In the end, if no trainer takes you up, then just think of it as an easy 8 hours of pay and make up the posting day another time.
  13. Late update. Much of the August B-division induction class are in limbo due to Covid-19. Only a few of the 38 in the induction are in passenger service after passing the road practical a couple weeks ago. Everyone else missed road posting days and have been YXing again until the coronavirus passes.
  14. Last class was in January with just six students that went directly to the A division. They'll call as many as they need unfortunately. Especially with Cuomo cutting overtime and what not.
  15. I heard many people didn't even get the ballots in the mail. As previous posters mentioned, I have been with T/O's who said they were putting their retirement papers in this year. So as always, it's a waiting game.
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