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  1. Those are the old signals that are slated to be removed or replaced. As usual, normal wayside signals. Except since there's less of them, the train behind is held back until the block is clear which can take a bit.
  2. If you have health insurance, I would search through them for a pulmonologist or a sleep study center that performs a polysomnography. My pulmonologist ended up sending me to Sleep Diagnostics of NY which is in Queens.
  3. You should be more worried about making the July class as it is THIS Monday. People with higher list numbers than you should not be sworn in before you at this point. Your seniority is tied to your list number and the class you are in. If you miss the July class, it's effectively putting you at lower seniority than them as you have to join the August class. Edit: I would also contact them anyway, because this would not be the first time they accidentally jump people ahead when they shouldn't have or had a mix up with your paperwork.
  4. Given people in 16XX were sworn in for the July class, I would try to contact the MTA asap and ask what's going on.
  5. It must be resolved before you are hired and present the papers to Transit that it's closed. There's a running joke that Transit cares more about your parking tickets than your criminal record.
  6. I don't recall what it said on the form, but it wouldn't hurt to put it down that it was resolved. In the end, what Transit cares about is that you don't have outstanding summons you have to pay back. For y'all reading this, if you are coming in and have outstanding tickets, pay them off ASAP. Usually they'll double check and if there is something wrong, they'll get back to you about it.
  7. I've read someone coming in for the 7/26 conductor class also having problems requesting her pair of shoes so it may not have been updated yet. Just keep trying. In the end, Schoolcar can't fault you when it's on the HR side.
  8. The ongoing A and the upcoming B division pick is starting later this month with the presumption that the YX program is still in place. Plus, I'm not sure Transit is willing to cut the YX program as a probie can claim they wouldn't have had an incident if the program was still in place. Transit is short on people to work all jobs. It'll still help to have people switching and doing yard moves. On the other hand, when you finish road posting and the road practical, chances are you'll be on the road most of the time. So you may forget what you did YXing anyway. You really learn to operate a train after school car finishes when you do all the trips and stops without your trainer butting in.
  9. Plan your commute so you are not late. You will be doing this for the rest of your time in Transit.
  10. If you're going to do this, you'll want the results to come in as soon as possible, so you can go back as soon as possible to get cleared and sworn in. I'm not going to recommend the doctor I went to, but back when I was getting hired I was worried I would be sidelined by having sleep apnea as well. I did a sleep study and I had decided to write in the form the MTA give you that I had done one. However, the MAC doctor told me my neck was fine and he would've greenlit me if it wasn't for that test and that we had to now wait for the results to come in. Thankfully, I got the results a week later and ran back to 180 Livingston as soon as I could and got in the last class for the year (Aug 2019). Also, I am pretty sure there was someone here earlier in this thread who said he was found to have sleep apnea and had to use a CPAP machine for a month or so before they decided he was fine and sworn him in. By the way just in case, for some reason I thought the later I was sworn in the later I would be on the seniority list. They keep you in place base on your list number. So even if someone behind you gets sworn in first, you're still senior to them in the same class. If you get in the class after, you should be among the top.
  11. You're fine. If anything, the MTA will frown on you for not including why you were terminated.
  12. Yea, that's true and? I've said in the post you quoted that I can bring it to 35 if I wanted to into CTL, so clearly I understood that. But if I am getting more speed running between the two stations then I'm not really going to complain losing the ability to go 45+ into CTL. Especially if it means climbing that hill to 67th Ave and going down to 32-34 MPH.
  13. I am aware of the conga line that is the Lexington Express, but how it has to do with what has changed with the L, 7, and now the QBL is rather irrelevant. Plus, the way you talk about it, it doesn't sound like you're CBTC qualified. On the Lima, not operating in automatic is frowned upon because the trains behind you can catch up as you're operating slower manually than the computer. RCC will ask why you're not operating automatically. On the QBL, there are certainly train operators who don't trust the new system and operate slower than allowed. I've at least operated on the L before to understand the annoying things it does and its limitations. However for many QBL train operators it's their first time and it takes time to get used to it. I myself operate as if we still had the old signals in place, because I get to the terminals even more faster than before when I do wrap it up in CBTC. In the end when they put it together properly, the running time for the QBL lines will be cut whether we like it or not.
  14. Safe to ride? Yes, if any errors occur, the train's brakes will go into emergency. If you mean safe from delays, it seems to be getting better, but like any other line, you never know. I've been scratching my head trying to understand what you're saying here. But CBTC itself is a rebuild of the signal system. Specifically it removes a lot of signals including timers. Home and their approach signals remain in place with automatics sprinkled here and there. This can be seen between Roosevelt and Queens Plaza on the express and the 53rd St Tube, and of course the Lima and 7 line.
  15. You must operate during rush hour. There's parts where you can go up to 47-48 and I've entered CTL on 4 at 30-35. It's all about threading the red line. Edit: The best change I definitely like is going up the hill on 4 from Woodhaven to 67th Ave at 48 and only slowing down to 42 at the top as oppose to maybe 32 in bypass.

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