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  1. I don't think it's worrying about complexity as much as it is to memorize the signals properly especially when there are several signs that are rather wordy. Apparently he ended up missing the brake stem AGAIN. Yea, I am a bit concerned about that too because if I missed or forgot something and I choose the wrong one, pop goes the balloon for me. Yea definitely less equipment to remember details on for sure. Even terminology for the same thing is different depending on which one you're on.
  2. Thanks. We just did the midterm exam today and the signal pre-test and aced both of them. If the pre-test is anything like the real thing, I should be all right. Just gotta stay on top of it. Schoolcar seem pretty optimistic as we also received our yard posting papers. First week afternoon, second week evening, and third morning tours.
  3. In my induction class (August 2019), promotionals picked first and then the open competitives went next. Whoever didn't managed to get into B were forced into A. Passed the first yard practical, but schoolcar is getting a bit hectic. I have the final yard practical and the signal test coming in a couple weeks, but we had very few days reserved to practice. Most of the schedule has my class relaying trains out of terminals beforehand. Definitely have to keep studying for signals as time is definitely flying by.
  4. You will be climbing up and down the trains and bending down to inspect things quite often. You will also do a lot of walking in the yard getting to the train and inspecting it. My instructor said there was a 70 year old who passed and became a train operator and I have a 50 year old person in my class right now who's doing pretty good. You should be fine.
  5. That's good to know. I thought we were going to stay down there for a month or so in a classroom setting type of thing. Yea, Jamaica/Corona Yard are definitely the closest to me.
  6. So I am looking through the older posts about the training schedule. Will it start at 7AM weekdays down at PS 248? Coming from Queens, the subway schedule is not going to be fun to handle that early in the morning even if I am willing to wake up at 4AM. Makes me wonder if I should do a 6 month lease somewhere close in Brooklyn. Or if I lease a car, is there decent parking nearby?
  7. About six months which likely means I'll finish in March. Just in time for my birthday. Edit: Oh and I know not necessarily everyone knows this forum, but not a peep of people going into medical for August or beyond since Harlem and I sworn in... I will certainly consider myself lucky.
  8. Seems they could use the extra cab cars for the Flushing garbage train. ..
  9. Vargas. She said if I couldn't be in the August class, that there wasn't another to put me in past that. Congratulations! See you in August. I was surprised that they checked my BP again. I forgot to take my meds for hypertension on top of that, but a doctor put me in a room for a half an hour to rest and I passed on the second try. She tried to calm me down, closed my eyes, and I had myself thinking I was in a tropical rainforest with a waterfall nearby. lol In the end, the other doctor checking my sleep test results said I barely had signs of sleep apnea and had me out the door with the clearance paper in a jiffy. Only thing I got to do is go to a clinic every six months to check my BP.
  10. Ok, I'm still waiting to be fingerprinted, but I passed my medical and have been sworn in for the 8/19 class!I I've been told there is no class past August so any idea in my head to defer and take a vacation was out the window.
  11. I finally got my test results back and going to head back to 180 L in the morning. But just out of curiosity, how late does the MTA HR stay open? Just wondering if I could've just went back right now. I hope there's still spots in the August class...
  12. As someone on medical hold, I hope you are wrong. lol I think couple people here mentioned they were called in for 2nd PE in their 15-1600's.
  13. I did it voluntarily because I thought I was going to be put on hold anyway. Joke's on me on that. Does the memo say where to buy them or it is just generic clothing and boots?
  14. Yea, the doctor says they consider many factors put together to consider whether you're a risk for sleep apnea. It's not just the one thing like your neck size.

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