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  1. It shouldn't be a problem anyway since I believe they checked our license when we took the test.
  2. @Ricardo924 Michelle.Rivera-Vargas@nyct.com
  3. Yes, you and @MNB0205 should contact Transit and make sure you two are fine. You don't want to take any chances and waste a day coming in for nothing. Also to clarify for everyone, the train operator position requires a driver license. They will want you to have it all paid off. When I was getting hired, they made people go down a couple blocks to the Brooklyn Business Center to pay them off and bring back the receipt.
  4. Play it safe and go with a button down shirt. We are suppose to be able to order blue polos next month or so along with other uniform items when the new vendor is ready, but right now, it's still button down shirts.
  5. You will find Transit is consistently inconsistent,
  6. IronBravo will be the senior most T/O of the next class barring anyone else who had deferred or was on medical hold as well. However, the people in the August class will be senior to him. It doesn't matter when you are sworn in. Your list number dictates your seniority.
  7. Not trying to push you out at all and is completely not what beanz and I are saying. However, you are giving the impression that you need to take a break from this.
  8. TBH, if you're still farther down the list, I'd probably unsubscribe to this thread for the time being if I was you.
  9. If you took your drug test within the past six months, you're fine.
  10. It is done after passing the medical.
  11. The doctor just needs to see your results to clear you and then it's just waiting for the next class.
  12. A division if you want to be sent to the Bronx often. B division for Stillwell, Church Avenue, and everywhere in-between.
  13. Assuming you're heading to Herald Square, I would check the schedule and ultimately the MyMTA app on which Delta (25th Ave), Nancy (Ave U) or Fox (Ave U) you can catch to make it down to PS 248 on time. Try to be on the platform about 5-10 minutes before the train is scheduled to arrive as the midnight crews tend to operate fast to make up for any flagging they might get along the way and are used to operating fast. The Fox has the worst walk to the school with about a ten minute walk max, but at least you're down there. I live along the Fox so it was still the easiest for me to get to 248. Edit: Going to the union hall. you can take the PATH to WTC and catch the 2/3 at Park Place for the Borough Hall stop.
  14. Depends on how long you want to take a break now before joining Transit. If you're in the 8/30 class, it will mean that next year you only get four vacation days and cannot pick a week off as the minimum is 5 days. With those four vacation days, you can either cash them out before the end of next year or you can request a day off 3-20 days in advanced stringing up to 3 days in a row IIRC, but good luck with that as you might not get all the days off.
  15. Uh, whoever swore you in should have told you what to do next. You should have been given papers stating when and where you report and where to order your boots.
  16. Yea, no trouble at all. Very glad they didn't decide that you missed your chance. Although I'm assuming that's why they email and call to cover their butts.
  17. Yea, this seems weird. I myself had the sleep study done in advanced and the MTA doctor put me on medical hold until I could bring the results in. Took my doctor another week for the results to come in and thankfully it was just mild sleep apnea (below 16), and I was sworn in. As for concerns with the Covid vaccine, I have been fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine since February and insofar it was similar to the regular flu shot. Only side effect I really had was a sore arm for a couple days after both shots. I myself was skeptical of even the regular flu shot a few years ago, but for the first time in years, I haven't been severely sick since. It's been reported that people who are vaccinated and have become infected with Covid-19 have fared better than those who are still unvaccinated. Plus, the more people who are vaccinated means less room for the virus to spread rampantly and mutate into different variants that may become more dangerous. Please protect yourself, your family, your friends, and of course, your future coworkers. The Moderna vaccine is actually pretty ingenious. It basically carries the same receptor Covid-19 uses to attach to your cells and gets your immune system to react to it and build antibodies to fight it off. This is a change from previous types of vaccines that would use a dead version of the virus for the immune system to react and fight.
  18. They want at least 30 days worth of data to see if you're in compliance and you have to keep using it. I'm not sure if they'll care if it's consecutive as I know someone who said he'll skip a day here and there, but presumably for those of you who want to get hired, you want it done ASAP.
  19. Either you were suppose to get a letter in the mail stating you were eliminated via the 1 in 3 rule or they forgot about you (which has happened!). Either way, I would contact Michelle Vargas and see what your situation is. Michelle.Rivera-Vargas@nyct.com
  20. Well, either hope the Transit doc doesn't think you look like you have sleep apnea or explain why you actually already had a sleep study done or do a new study. That's entirely up to you.
  21. Depends on what it is, but generally if your doctor doesn't stupidly send it to Transit, you're fine. Generally, it's sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and diabetes are the top three they look out for.
  22. Those are the old signals that are slated to be removed or replaced. As usual, normal wayside signals. Except since there's less of them, the train behind is held back until the block is clear which can take a bit.
  23. If you have health insurance, I would search through them for a pulmonologist or a sleep study center that performs a polysomnography. My pulmonologist ended up sending me to Sleep Diagnostics of NY which is in Queens.
  24. You should be more worried about making the July class as it is THIS Monday. People with higher list numbers than you should not be sworn in before you at this point. Your seniority is tied to your list number and the class you are in. If you miss the July class, it's effectively putting you at lower seniority than them as you have to join the August class. Edit: I would also contact them anyway, because this would not be the first time they accidentally jump people ahead when they shouldn't have or had a mix up with your paperwork.
  25. Given people in 16XX were sworn in for the July class, I would try to contact the MTA asap and ask what's going on.

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