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  1. Out of curiosity, what is the hourly rate they are starting Train Operators at when you guys are starting school car classes? I know there were contract changes , does anyone have an updated PDF or info on what the contract looks like for guys who are getting hired off the street from 8098?
  2. My younger cousin was hired as a T/O and was on probation. He had just became road qualified and was out of school car only 1 week and he had to resign as he had a family member fall ill and he was the only one still in NYC that could take care of the old man. When he resigned in March he was still on probation. Someone said he may be able to get name put back on the list and possibly be considered to be rehired. Is this true? Does anyone know the process for this? Does he have to go through school car all over again even thought he passed all of his finals and was yard and road qualified? I feel bad for him because he was a top notch student, the top of his class and had no incidents but had no choice to resign cause the old man needed his help.
  3. It is sad, he was a good guy, he was at one point in school car for t/o but went back to conductor.
  4. With the removal of old analog cellphones with the replacement of digital we now have GSM and CDMA and LTE mobile phones. Even if you get a scanner that has all of the frequencies unlocked, you still cant eaves drop on phonen calls like you used to be able to because all of the text messages and phone calls are encrypted. So all you would here is jumbled digital signals. What people dont know is GSM and CDMA are very weak and not really secure. Their security is based on secrecy, as in, if you dont know much about how it works you cant brake the encryption, but GSM and CDMA utilizes a weak encryption algorythm that has already been cracked. If you know the right people you can buy a laptop that has the necessary hardware and it will passively break the encryption enabling you eaves drop on the calls, SMS, MMS text messages as well as see the IMEI and telephone number. These work usually within a 50 mile radius, some systems up to 75 miles. This technology has been around for years and this is what law enforcement uses. It is illegal for anyone to possess such equipment, but be aware, there are people out there besides law enforcement who have it. Dont be fooled into thinking your mobile phone is secure. A majority of the public doesnt have the knowledge or equipment to do this but the determined, law enforcement and private investigators do!
  5. This plane was not destroyed, it is intact somewhere hidden in that region, they descended down to 15,000 feet to avoid radar and other air traffic. You cant trust Malaysia, they are a sneaky government.They wont release the cargo manifest of the plane to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority because they are shady and have something to hide. They also deliberatly stalled releaseing information about the last known wherabouts during the first week.
  6. What is your first language because english seems to be your second. Your title says broke and ankle, which makes no sense, then you say because it happens on a MTA bus. We dont know what you are talking about.
  7. This is a real shame, and I can only wish for the best for this bus drivers family, and hope for the worst for this shit bag who was so selfish and thought he could do whatever he wanted that he wnd up taking someones life. You cant blame the guy who left the keys in the truck running, because no one is authorized to use his truck but him. It is gross that people are trying to shift some of the blame on this truck driver. He isn't to blame at all. It is all about this deranged idiot who was such a pathetic loser in life that his actions of the whole night paint a picture of what a piece of crap he was of a person deep down inside. If anyone is to blame , it is his family for raising a person that lacks any kind of morals , etiquette or proper treatment of his fellow man to be able to do such things without caring for the well being of others around him and not having any level of self control or sense or embarrassment. Lets hope he rots in jail and his life is changed for the worst forever
  8. Not everyone is as accepting or open minded to being around homosexuality, and you cant force them to be. That would be just as wrong as pressuring someone who is homosexual to pretend he is not gay. The issue that most people have with situations like this is that it creates a type of uncomfortable environment for the players who don't agree with this type of lifestyle, who may be insecure about being around someone who has this sexual preference, orientation or whatever you want to refer to it as. It creates a type of insecurity in a lot of these players in the locker room, showers and elsewhere. Some of these guys cant help but think ,damn is this guy sneaking peaks at us and is he getting any ideas or any type of sexual arousal by being around us like this or when he comes into physical contact with up during normal game play? Other players are very strong minded and well grounded in their environment and don't worry or care if someone who is homosexual is around them whether or not they get aroused or is attracted to them because they know they don't find homosexuality attractive to what their natural affinity is. What would be good for everybody is for any homosexual players to not make a big deal about it. We dont need a press conference or media interview to announce every time there is a player that is gay. Just go about their lives as they normally would. Its one thing to say, "yes I am gay" if asked. It is another thing to start making a huge deal about it, creating a big scene hanging a sign around your neck and drawing all of this attention that now starts to create a type of segregation or animosity amongst peers for trying to set the guinness book of world records for most openly gay player or whatever. This guy wasn't the first athlete who people knew were gay on a team and he isn't going to be the last. Just let it go, its about the sport, not what kind of sex you like to have in your bedroom. People are really growing tired of having to have a huge ordeal about this, having the president chime in and other people when its really no ones business but their own. Just play the damn sport and stop making a big deal about this every time a team finds out there is a gay player on the team.
  9. You guys have to understand that there is really no set standard or MPH etc of where and when is a good time to take a brake. No one can give you a set formula or rule of thumb that will work. The things Subway guy and from what beneka posted of what TSS Lee said are helpful and good info but dont bother trying to go by those recommendations because you will find yourself outside of the station and keying people off the trains. There are just way too many variables involved and only you can figure out on your own.[br] Every train brakes differently, new tech, SMEE, every train accelerates differently. every station is different and you will have to compensate for things like mild to extreme upgrades, downgrades or grades that change from up to down and vice versa halfway through the station. New Tech you have much more accurate Dynamic braking to take advantage of versus the Smee that doesnt have as good of a dynamic brake. First off you should be able to find out how your train is going to operate for the duration of your trip, ie: accelerate and braking after the first 3 or 4 stops. Then you can decide how much brake you need to take at what point. Whether it is upon entering the station or at the conductors board and anywhere in between. You should be able to stop your train on the stop marker by paying attention to the speedometer and by learning how fast your train is moving by judging how fast you are passing by pillars and etc. and knowing the relative distance versus speed against the amount of brake you are taking. For example, you come into a fairly level station at 30MPH, knock off the power when the first car begins to enter or enters the station, take a "medium" brake at the conductors board, your train should be at around 20 MPH when you start to come closer to the 6 car stop marker that some stations still have posted. When you are coming closer to the 8 car marker your train should be in the mid teens and there should be no reason you cant drop the train down you 5 MPH by the time you are approaching the 10/Stop marker which at this point you should be able to stop on a dime and then move the brake to min brake as the train is coming to a stop to make it a smooth stop. It all boils down to your own technique and ways of adapting and compensating for said variables.
  10. I don't know where you got that information from but it is wrong. There is no such TLC rule stating taxi cabs cannot go farther than an 8 mile radius or even a time limit like 3 or 8 hour radius. This is completely false. A taxi cab driver can take a fare as far as he wants. It is completely up to the driver to negotiate a fare with the customer. The TLC cant revoke a medallion for that either. You need to get your information from credible sources next time. And from reading the first page of responses, you guys sound like a group of misogynistic angry young men calling this girl dumb bitch, psychopath, sociopath etc. I think you guys have some deep seeded emotional issues to attack a woman you don't know, or even to generalize women in such a way you guys have done. You sound like people who have no luck with women and take it out on them. You guys are acting like this woman took the money out of your pockets and the food off of your tables by taking this cab ride and not paying. Grow the F! up. When it comes down to it, this driver should have made sure to secure payment a head of time.
  11. Typical abusive behavior from low life NYPD. Beating defensless children, women and the elderly. They routinely make up a charge of disorderly conduct so they have an excuse to put people through central booking court system and tarnish their name when it is in fact the cops who are disorderly and cant do their job without breaking the law. This is the type of trash the NYPD employs.
  12. Unlike NYCT, The LIRR is not subject to the Taylor law so they can strike without facing jail time or heavy fines. So this full support is just in good faith and not in actual strike side by side. Also note in the picture below, Look at how professional and clean cut the two LIRR TCU men present themselves with pride but our TWU 100 leader looks very shabby. Sameulson is wearing a shirt that is not even tucked into his pants, it looks like it hasn't been ironed since he bought it and it is not even a correctly fitting size for him. This is why people are not taking TWU 100 seriously when we are represented by clowns. This is part of the reason why we are going to lose a lot during this next round of negotiations because of our lame union leaders. http://www.twulocal100.org/story/local-100-pledges-support-lirr-unions
  13. This mans family should have a six figure lawsuit against the city! These stupid cops beat an old man over a stupid jaywalking ticket. What a bunch of dirty animals.
  14. I dont know how it was when you went to school car but they dont give out the signal guide until you go to the simulator for the first time. For now all they need to study is the rule book and induction guide. There are plenty of signals and definitions in there to learn that will have you well prepared. That signal guide they give out at the simulator is nothing special anyway. Even the TSS make fun of it and call it shit. The signal quizzes are changed around frequently to avoid people copying them and selling them. All you need to know is that there is a section that is multiple choice and a section that is write-in that you have to write out the definition of the signal. Study all of the signals daily and you wont have a problem. There is no reason to fail the signals quiz when all of the information has been given to you and the TSS should be dedicating time almost every day to review signals.
  15. I knew the 3rd rail was continuous, but didn't know they would do that with signal rails.
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