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  1. I'm done with this forum. Don't ask why? I'm out. Good luck to all.
  2. Please report it. I want off this forum as much as u want me off guy. It's too bad I can't delete my account just like u do on gay ass Facebook. Lol. 8yr old with a great job and benefits. Lol. @realizm I'm done with you Internet tough guy. Now go and report me please I'm begging you. Lol
  3. Lol. I'm a lil upset right now with all these MTA groupies on this forum. I only thought this forum was for MTA employees but I was wrong. They were coming hard at me on another thread so I'm staying away from sensitive threads like that and maybe this whole forum all together. Lol
  4. Take it as you want to take it homie. I'm done with this gay ass forum and all these bullshit threads. I got my dream job and I'm not blowing it for none of you MTA GROUPIES.
  5. Hey congrats gotti109. I told u bro that u could do it. RTS training is when they take all of the people that made it on day 7 and everyone test drives the RTS for like 15to20 minutes. Then u wait for the ones that make it on day 10 to hop on the RTS and take there turns driving it. So by next week you'll be going back to zerega for GI (General Information) day and that's where the union comes and talks to the class and some health insurance people as well. The end of that day you get to pick your depots for your line training. Congrats once again bud!
  6. @peacemaker: I'm not one of you're muslim friends guy, so therefore I'm going to have my disagreement with knuckleheads such as Mr(racist) VG8. The second thing is I am a high school graduate and a college graduate out of NCC(Nassau Community College) so I'll type however I want wether your groupie ass likes it or not. The third thing is most of the MTA employees are either HS(High School) dropouts or ex cons and or ex crackheads and I'm not one of them.The last thing is I don't understand why Mr. Harry decided to open this thread and suddenly lock it when everything was going just fine. The next time you want to open a thread sensitive as this one sit back first and think about it before you do. So much for a peacemaker why don't you and VG8 change your names to MTA FAN and MTA GROUPIE. Yes next time put up whatever you want in your own language it's a free country the last time I checked. Lol(Laughing Out Loud). Everything in the MTA is abbreviated by the way. P.S. You and you're racist buddy are a joke and probably still live with mommy and daddy. Before I forget I'm grown ass adult and watch how you speak to me little boy.
  7. No doubt groupie. It's anyone not anything playa. I'm a human being like you are not a thing slick. Lol
  8. I ain't oppose to his comment or opinion and frankly I could careless about what he says but how he says it, this's coming from a MUSLIM employee u could only understand where I'm coming from since u read all the eight to nine pages. U better believe this want nine pages back and forth. As far as the English grammar goes this ain't a classroom but the web fam so anything goes.
  9. Yo VG8 I shoulda known u was a MTA groupie. Lol. On that note u don't mean nothing to this forum or agency. Lol. I drive a bus all day in the queens area and it's known to be the biggest borough on the NYC map. As far as dealing with people I'm actually dealing with all kinds of races,religions,BO(body odors),nut jobs,crackheads,students both young and old, so b4 u say anything else about knowing how B/O's feel and all jittery speak 4 ur self but then u can't cause ur not part of the agency and I thank god ur not cause I don't think u would last a full week on the job. I'm grateful to have this wonderful job and I'm disgusted and ashamed that people like u actually exist. What a shame.
  10. Yo VG8 put a sock in it already. You're annoying with all ur stupidity guy. I'll bet u can't last a day on any local lines even the(nice)buses on LI where half the customers barley speak English. Lol.
  11. This thread sucks and so does VG8. By the way mr racist(VG8) MUSLIMS were also murdered on 9/11 in those towers. I think u and that B/O should both be fired 4 ur stupidity. That boy was a paying customer regardless what he was saying in his language. Also I didn't know they taught us Arabic at zerega? Lol. How did that B/O even know that the boy was speaking Arabic or Hindi or Urdu or Farsi? What cause they all sound a like. Lol. Did I mention this thread sucks.
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