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  1. Geminigirl, School Car is great, READ your conductors induction book every day...Make sure you study for your quizzes, 2 midterms, 2 written finals...And not to mention the practicals...Pay attention to what your instructor teaches and form a bond with your classmates, you all will need each other...I hope you're not afraid of heights, because you will do a structure walk...Its so much more than just opening up doors..Last but not least, ask questions if you're not sure of something...You will learn so much in 8 weeks. All the best!!!
  2. I was told to report to the same place and its on the green sheet of paper...We will be there for 3 days it's where the union is located from what the sheet say. I'm going where the paper listed. JHonNY my friend said a lot of things changed...Maybe that's one of them... Prosperous hold tight, they will get to you number it seems to be moving fast. I'm great, I'm reading the rules & regulations books everyday.
  3. Prosperousguy89? Have you heard anything yet? And what number do you have?
  4. Yes!!! I was sworn in as a CONDUCTOR on Thurs!!! I'm excited to start class on Aug 24...Hottie, glad everything worked out! I heard a lady telling someone else there a Sept class as well. Prosperousguy89 give them a call and see what they say.
  5. You was the one sitting next to me looking nervous Hottie! Relax its going to be ok, sip your OJ!
  6. Thank you JHonNY! I first came down July 2 for the drug test and got the call for medical this past Monday. Roughly about a month n a week. They will call you, before your baby is born! It's a lot of people down here now for medical...The Drs are calling people now. I will keep you posted.
  7. Thx MTAhopeful! And thx for the info Hottie...I'm going to be super relaxed on Thurs...Ready for all that they will test me for! Now I have to fill out the packet. Good night and GOD willing we all shall meet the requirements and be sworn in the same day.
  8. My 36## tprashad, but a friend said they are having a class every month...What's your #?
  9. Congrats Ms. Hottie! I got the same call this morning as well! Super excited! Can y'all tell me what to expect pls?
  10. Hey Everyone! I'm scheduled to report to 180 Livingston St in the morning..Could someone fill me in on what to expect pls...
  11. @thekiday...I called the list closes out Feb 2016.
  12. I called Ms. Shivers today only to find out she no longer works in Transit. However, the last number called was 2697 and the list closes out Feb 2016...GOD willing they will call more people on the list. Good luck to all whose # are in the 3600's.
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