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  1. b fore you get to it .. imagine you are inside abread loaf ... thats what you driving . cover 4 feets @ right side always , about less then a car wide , keepit that way so no rasco will pass over you from that openning , but thats big for bycle atv , dirt bike sketbord etc to hallo you . when turning left , your left solder is the pivot point and turning right is the iron holder after the right door is the pivot point to move your stering wheels , always look at your mirrow ( sweet spot where is your back tireincase it kizz some thingz back there . ) cute turn is when your frondbumper past the shap edge of the sidewalk start to turn the stering . Still look at the mirror , that bus body and tire dont bring anything with the bus . So your 360 is hazard .... keep your eye moving so you can see whats all over you . yes they like the bus very very much . and they will rub the bus in a good way when they need it desperately to get in to the bus .
  2. anythings that is possible to before it be come danger , not to mention xcident , So the run down is hazard , danger , xcident any moving or unmoving object that can distruck you and your ride @ the 1st sign is Hazard . pedistrarian sketbod bycikle rolling, moving unattaint object thats include UFO , ET and Meteor
  3. DEAR Member of the forum , THAMK YOU SO MUCH ! I would not make these all if I nrver been these forum ! For the senior and Veteran member that running at the back ground YOU ALL DA MAN !!!
  4. Look like the lady at 180 is real , she said these time is differencee
  5. Those rub so tender, cant feel a thing next , careful man . Same here so much questions . My PM option still dont show on the top right corner .
  6. Thanks Young ! About the pm I dont see any amp under the profile , only bell , and sign out .
  7. Thanks Young ! look like you cleared it alright . How a bout the church that give some lesson is it still up ? How to PM , dont see any option to do so on my side .
  8. Correct , the same . But why the lady said is difference .
  9. How to edit post /// > I went to 180 the counter lady said the test have been change as listed it at the flyer ,dunno 1 there will be 6 weeks class and some other things . I am not very sure may be some one or members can elaborate .
  10. is there any possibility that the train will be up and running in couple more years ?
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