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  1. Made it through final processing yesterday. Got sworn in. Gave my current job two weeks notice today.
  2. Congrats jromanva!! Glad to see that things worked out for you. Thanks for letting the rest of us that are "patiently" waiting, know how far down the list they've gotten. Anyone else get the call to report for final processing? I took my 2nd D/T on 2/7. I was supposed to have taken it on 1/31 but I never got the letter. Thanks to this forum though, I noticed list numbers higher than mine being called for a 2nd D/T and I called to see what the deal was. I got it done but I hope the week delay in taking that D/T doesn't delay my call for final processing. List# 200x-201x
  3. I forgot to say thank you for responding. I hope that everything went well yesterday! @jromanva
  4. Good luck! Are you closer to 1900 or 2000 if you don't mind me asking? My list number range is 2000-2020. I'm just trying to gauge when I should expect that call.
  5. Anyone on here with a list number from 1700-1999? If so, have you been called for a drug test yet?
  6. I didn't get a name. He was one of the HR people at the desk on the 5th floor at 180 Livingston.
  7. I was at 180 for a d/t today. I was told that the last appointed list number was 1616. Makes me wonder why I was called in so early. My list number is in the low 2000's. I was told that a response could take up to 90 days.
  8. Thanks again Trainman. I hope I can get in there for the December class. I was supposed to start training for bus operator tomorrow but I got the letter for train operator on Thursday and decided to decline the bus operator appointment. Timing on this was crazy.
  9. Is there a November class? When did/does it start? Will there be a December class? If so, when would that class start? Any info would be helpful. And thanks Trainman.
  10. I got a letter for DT also. List number range 2000-2020
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