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  1. A Can that was opened is now overflowing with ................... F B I investigated Designline Over Use Of Used Parts http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/11/15/4469789/fbi-has-investigated-designline.html#.Uon0micZN9Q Ain't This Interesting. Read More using the link above. Does this mean, if true, O-BAM-BAM-A will ask FOXX to remove himself from Transportation Secretary ? I doubt it as they all are a bunch of crooks and liers.
  2. Moving right along at 60. Looks like a smooth rider, but never used one so can't savy for sure. Thanks for the vid.............. Cheer's
  3. Okay, so after going through a lot of threads, doing some research, I have to agree with you, but only to a certain point. Designline ( NOT TO STICK UP FOR THEM ) was doing what they're name said, Design'ing' a new type of transportation that was more 'green' then what is available now. As with all "NEW" products, there will be flaws and issues. Those flaws and issues have been/are delt with on a one to one basis. brake failure, fire, roll over ect all have a root cause and a corrective action. I've been looking more at the "timeline" of the entire clsoing of Designline. Something just does not make sense, but yet leads one to conculsions that may/maynot be far fetched. Money was becoming a major issue for Designline. Then, out of the clear blue, FOX leaves and goes to work for O-BAM-BAM-A as head of Transportation. With in a weeks time, according to timeline of issues, the money pit backing pulled out of Designline. Could it be associated with the brake failure, the fire or both? Sure it could. But reality states it was not. Think back to when ORION had a whole bunch of issues in the 07 series in Texas with the new charging system back in 07 and 08. Did this cause them to close down? Nope. it was a new system and "bugs" had to be worked out. How about the issue Orion had with NYC, and thoise were a on going thing. Now think of the timeline again. Fox leaves and backing goes away. Personally I think politics played a huge part of it. It's no secret that Fox had issues with other Board Members at Designline. IMO, for what it's worth, I think once all the bugs are worked out with the new design of the Designline's, it will be just as good as any of the others. I am sure that all the others, MCI, NewFlyer ect all had issues when a design was changed and something new was put in. To many un answered questions, time will tell.
  4. You do realize that you opened the door on yourself with that statement, right ?
  5. Interesting. If NJT already had accepted the bid from MCI, then how does this new owner of Designline expect to get anything out of it. The contract should be null and void considering the ruling of the court. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few weeks.
  6. Strange, nothing about what happened at the auction yesterday.
  7. It would not be much of a surprise if MCI got in on the auction. The thing that is not clear, because it's gone belly up, one has to wonder if the big secrets DesignLine used will be on the market also. I would think not, but hey, in today's world, anything is possible.
  8. As if this comes as a shock...... http://thesuburban.com/news/articles/?id=article02689 Maker of Laval’s $1 million electric bus goes bustOctober 23rd, 2013 A Delaware bankruptcy court judge has ordered the sale of Designline, the company Laval hired to make its electric buses. Designline filed for bankruptcy, Aug. 15, and the firm’s bus manufacturing line in Charlotte, North Carolina, ground to a halt at the beginning of October. The announcement that it will be auctioned off, Oct. 28, raises the possibility that the Designline’s assets will be sold off piecemeal. Quebec Transport Minister Sylvain Gareau and Laval des Rapides MNA Léo Bureau-Blouin launched the project with great fanfare in January. They said that Quebec taxpayers would subsidize Laval’s electric buses to the tune of $600,000, and that Hydro-Québec would kick in another $100,000. Laval’s transit authority has been testing a Designline battery-powered bus since April. Société des transports de Laval (STL) has spent nearly $1 million on the initial prototype. STL’s prototype has been plying Laval streets since it was placed in service in April, and was slated to enter regular service this fall. STL showed off its new technology at a series of public viewings, and offered free electric bus shuttle service between Montmorency and Le Carrefour on several weekends during the summer. Bankrupt busmaker Designline is known for its excellent high-level political connections. It formerly employed Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx, whom President Barrack Obama appointed United States Secretary of Transportation, July 2. When The Suburban went to press, it was unclear whether STL is among Designline’s creditors. Court documents indicates that it owes its biggest creditor, New Jersey Transit, wants back the US$3.64 million it had already paid for as-yet undelivered buses. In 2011, a Designline hybrid-electric bus that served Charlotte International Airport caught fire. No one was injured in the blaze.n Maker, of, Laval’s, $1, million, electric, bus, goes, bust,
  9. 01/19/2012 11-047 Purchase of CNG Buses DesignLine USA $45,455,516.00 No information anywhere on contract number 11-047. Wonder if a Freedom Of Information request would be helpful?
  10. I went looking through the NJT open site and could not find anything related to a contract with DL. Although that does not surprize me to much, I would think that certain provisions would be made public. It's really hard to say what "provisions" are in the contract, however, given that the DL bus's are still on routes, I would have to take a guess and say that DL can consider that they are pd in full for what NJT has. I did hear late last week that DL found a investor, but can not seem to confirm such. There has to be a lot more behnd this whole NJT and DL issue then what has been posted and what is known to be fact. Problem is I just can not seem to locate anyhting. So if anyone has any links, please feel free to post away.
  11. The thing here is if NJT did not make a payment on the Designline Bus's deliveried, that alone could be a contributing factor, along with the investors pulling, as to why Designline is in the state it is. NJT can not allow MCI to take the bus's in on a "trade" value if a settlement has not been reached with Designline. Most contracts work as such. A certain percentage of funds on the contract is given upfront, generally at the signing of said contract, and can range any where from 10 to 30% of the total contract.. Those funds are considered to be "working capital" towards the next phase in a said contract and the beginning of delivery of product. So the question is really, how much did NJT already give Designline and how much of those funds cover how many bus's deliveried. Keep in mind that every "special order" has it's own clauses for payments and delivery (the bus's are not considered to be a "off the shelf" product). So my guess is that IF NJT did a larger then normal up front deposit, dimes to donuts it covers at least what they have received from Designline.
  12. I doubt they wil go under according to some good source information. I just feel that DesignLine was not totally open and honest about the entire situation given the issues they had at the time. My source at the Assembly Group told me that her comapny has been around for a long time and will be around for a while, just not as fluid as it once was. Part of the overall problems are, and although I personally have nothing against them, the unions. Daimler Buses North America closed down because they could no longer show any type of profit because the unions always wanted more. Orion was met with many a strikes and shut downs over the years all because of unions. I guess the bottom line is that the little companies are the ones who feel the pinch, and I do find it kind of strange that as soon as FOXX left Designline these issues started coming forth. Can't help but to wonder if FOXX was behind the entire back out of the investors at DesignLine.
  13. The Company in New York State that got shafted?
  14. Starting at the beginning of this thread and working to this point, The thread is about Designline Bus and the contact with the NJT. Well, as it comes to an end (this thread) I'd like to share some information with you about the trickle down effect. Lets see, a company in New York State who has done years and years of work with the Orion Bus (Daimler Buses North America) was approached back in March of this year to help build up enough harness and power panels, power cables ect, as fast as they could to help push out the bus line to NJT. At the time there was ZERO action or behavior from Designline and the person who contacted this company actually ended up at DesignLine from Orion in upstate NY when they closed down production. (ie inside contact to sub contractor contact). Well, after 2 months of going thru all the prints, finding all the mistakes and getting Designline to correct them, this company actuall started doing up 1st pieces and sending to Designline for approval so the balance could be done and shipped. Yep 70 pcs, which would fit what Designline owed NJT. Needless to say, when in July the notice was given that the place was on 10 shut down, this comppany in NYS was told that all orders were cancelled. This order was vital for the company in New York, as it went from about 200 employees with Orion down to about 50 now. this order would have kept those 50 plus about another 10 or so who would have been called back in a job for a longer time. Now, this company is once again going to be laying off, this time because of some mis-management at Designline and some money problems that have been going on that were NEVER REALLY solved like Desgnline pretended they were. Based on all the issues with the prints that were received, that had to be redone, it's a wonder any of the Designline's are even on the road. My hope is that everyone who uses the NJT system gets what they want and what they require. Be it with MCI or some other company.
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