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  1. I became interested in transit and how subways and train systems worked at an early age. I'm more of an Avgeek, but the railfan is still in me.
  2. Greetings everyone, I haven't been active on this forum for quite some time now. With exception of a few posts I made two days ago, I haven't posted anything in almost four years. I had moved from New York to Atlanta, and recently I've been feeling nostalgic for my old home town. I'm glad to be back!
  3. Up next: Power outage effects all tracks on Manhattan bridge, uptown train stalls at Prince St.
  4. I think a line connecting to LGA via the wouldn't be a bad idea.
  5. I would like to bring this topic back, I hope no one would mind .
  6. This topic will be about the "what ifs" of the New York City subway. For much of it's over 110 year history, the New York City subway is rich in events, projects, proposals and everything in between that either happened, almost never happened, or never happen at all. By changing one event in the system's past could have major effects in both the short and long run. Like for instance what if the IND second system, or parts of it was built and opened, or what if the second avenue subway was completed before 1950. I've been wanting to create a topic like this for awhile now, here it is, I present Alternate subway history! The format will be, a scenario will be posted, for example "What if the IND second system was built and opened". The original poster could start talking about the senorio in the starting post or let another person start talking about it. Senorios covered (So incase this topic blows up, and we wont have duplicate starting posts. I'll start, What if the subway was never consolidated and the IRT BMT and IND remained independent companies. Let's discuss it . I might have in the past made a topic something about this.
  7. Every time i try to post or start a topic i get this "You have been placed on moderator queue. This means that all content you submit will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be shown.". I posted nothing for awhile and i am still on moderator queue, its starting to get annoying to have to wait a long time before my posed are shown. Can someone take me off this moderator queue please.
  8. The A train is always crowed...

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