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  1. Yes, we all know the definition of this signal...its in the rule book. What's the story behind it?
  2. What's up transit experts? I have a question for you guys, What's the story behind the "series" misc signal? Why don't we have them in the system anymore? When were they installed? Removed?
  3. Man....you guys rock. Those pictures that were posted was exactly what i was talking about. Where can I get some of those older handles for my collection? Sal
  4. Actually no.... We are issued the composite handles this day and age, before that were the metal ones with the thick red grip, before that there were the metal handles with the skinny red grip, before that (i think 60s and 70s) there were the blue chrome metal handles. Im trying to find out what they looked like before the 60s, 50s, 40s, ect.
  5. Hey everyone, Does anyone know if there's a website anywhere that shows what the old train operator equipment used to look like? Im specifically interested in the old motorman brake handles. Im curious to see what they looked like in the 1920s, 30s, 40, ect. Thanks
  6. That makes sense in theory but in Transit these things are old and dusty. They aren't maintained and a lot of the boxes are missing phones and have bad wiring. Plus a lot of the towers in the A Division have been removed, so there's no need for them.
  7. Oh cool! Where did you find that? In the current rulebook? Or an older rulebook? After reading that description that sounds exactly what the phones are and what they where used for. I've asked a few senior T/Os that started in the 80s and they all said that they boxes were used to contact control center. They never actually used the phones themselves while operating back in the day so I take it maybe they are guessing. But nice job finding that info. I take it you got curious after a while and wanted to know as well eh? Now, that we have that info a few questions remain... 1) What years were they in use? 2) When did Transit stop using them? My guess is the early to mid 80s. Probably 82-83 3) By the way, what year were T/Os issued radios? Sal
  8. Yeah Elantra06, we aren't taught it because they aren't used anymore. But I've always been curious as to how the job has changed over the years and I love old school retro things from back in the day like these phones and the very old route punches that are still up throughout the system. I see these phones all around the system ( A-Div) and just want to know about them now. itmaybeokey, no it isn't a train order signal. But has the characteristics of one. Check out these pictures. http://www.imageshack.com/scaled/large/600/bnxa.jpg http://www.imageshack.com/scaled/large/600/sd8i.jpg
  9. Wow, over 140 views and no one knows. Are they that ancient? How can I post a picture? I'll put up a few pics of the phones. Sal
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a new Train Operator and recently I've noticed something on Home Signals that I've never payed attention to. Now its gotten to the point, that I HAVE to know what this thing is (i'm just annoying like that). Anyway, I work in the IRT ( A - Division) and not sure if these boxes are in the B - division which i'm sure they probably are. But here's a question to all you old timers..and new guys and gals who know their transit stuff.... Have you ever noticed on home signals / interlockings those boxes that have two lights on them? (some have just one bulb) And when you open them there's a old phone inside? 1) What is the name of this box? 2) When were they installed? 3) When where they discontinued? 4) How did they work exactly? Was the home signal at danger and the box was lit up telling the T/O to pick up the phone? 5) Who did the T/O speak to on the other end? A tower operator? Control? 6) Do they still work? 7) Where they on the "old IRT" signals? Thanks everyone. Sal
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