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  1. I dont recall the date but I know it was in January. Thats the reason I'm lookimg for a number to call to get the date and time.
  2. I misplaced my admission letter for the BOSS exam does anyone have a number for Livingston that i can call.
  3. If you have the book just start studying and take the tests. But to go tomorrow honestly will be a waste of time. They won't do anything with you. But if you start studying and can take the test Wednesday Thursday Friday do so then go to Livingston early in the a.m. and just say your just got the notice to come in. They will see you. But don't go without having at the least the general knowledge passed. Because passing general knowledge gets you the permit.
  4. Start studying you can get it before the 7th. Without the permit they won't do anything with you. It will be a waste of time to go. You can take the test at different dmv in 1 day
  5. Thanks stevenyc. I currently am a bus operator at mta.. had 3 accidents in the last year so assuming thats what its about..silly but I guess. I guess they don't look at my stellar attendance never absent never late.. i will just be thank for my job that I do have and just say whats meant to be will be. I'm also on the promotional exam for train op so lets see.
  6. Does anyone have a number or email for Ms. Vargas. I did my drug test back in January and just received a letter saying I was considered but not selected in accordance to Rule 4.7.1 of the rules and regulation of the nyc personnel director
  7. The best advice is to listen, and donas the instructor say. If they say the sky is purple and you know its blue just agree that indeed its purple. Dont be cocky because you already have your cdl. Instructors dont like drivers that think they know it all. They have no problem failing you
  8. Yea figured that. When i went for drug test in january not sure of her name but the young lady who takes us upstairs and give us a brief understanding of the jobbthe division etc she said train operator would be extended. Also that explains why the june exam has been postponed
  9. As you walk into your respective depot and you meet your union people talk to them about your situation. Usually they will allow you to go. Hopefully you have some type of itinerary as proof
  10. Oa cant work in queens or staten island. If you get extended on probation OA is 3 months TA is 6 months. If theres a layoff OA goes 1st
  11. Honestly dont think its expiring september 2016
  12. They started calling people early 2012
  13. It may reopen again that happened last year with the promotinal train operator exam. It was postponed than days later reopened. But i heard 8098 train operator will be extended
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