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  1. I looked at google earth they look like Con-Ed grades, mostly for transformers if there is a V or VS with a number written on them , its definite a transformer.
  2. Today Cuomo announced the redevelopment of Penn Station. Let discuss. Ill start When he talks about opening up 7th or 8th Ave or building under 8th, I question that because there is the 7th Ave lines and the 8th Ave lines right there. Has any one actually thought this through or this chat room will do it for them.
  3. MTA R train schedule effective Septermber 15, 2014 with R train thought the tunnel: http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/pdf/trcur_1.pdf
  4. MTA R train schedule effective September 15, 2014 with R train though Montague: http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/pdf/trcur_1.pdf
  5. No third track: http://secondavenuesagas.com/2008/06/25/rising-costs-shelve-third-second-ave-subway-track-at-72nd/
  6. MTA and PATH can not be merges as PATH has FRA requirements because it shares the Right of way near Newark and Harrison. To make MTA, FRA compliment is a fools errand. Cutting PATH from Harrison, Newark, and Newark Airport(to be built soon), is stupid.
  7. The two D trains i took Satuday night has the full route signs but where running between Coney island and Atlantic.
  8. I saw the new MTA maps in the station, marked September 2014 with the R train going thought the Montague Tunnel. So MTA confirmed that its before October 1st.
  9. I think that Phase 2 can be completed by 2025 if Albany and City Hall get their act together, i can hope right??? Phase 2 stations were built in the the many tries before, when this incarnation of the plan was discussed they pointed out that the old structures can be used, so if we dont get it built, shame!!! While we are building Phase 2, we can also start building Phase 3 as they do not touch each other. Like always the question is funding. That is probably done by 2030.
  10. Please dont put another Bus under the West End line, 86th Street is way to crowded.
  11. Ya get a Commission together whos output needs to be used to inform the budget, THE ONE DUE BEFORE THE PANEL CAN START WORKING. Great one Cuomo.
  12. How would a QBL CBTC work, 8th Ave, 6th Ave and Crosstown line are not CBTC. Would you have it CBTC on that corridor then two operator operating in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Wouldnt that defeat the whole purpose?? After Flushing line and Carnarsi line, only the shuttle line can go to CBTC without forcing the rest of the system to also be CBTC.
  13. Too Many PA5s in the backgeound for a R188 thing. The Interview is done in front of a PA5!!!! Thats horibble. Wonder what the PA5 are doing in the plant??
  14. I line on the West End line. I had taken the train at midnight and it was full in Manhattan, like 80%+. A lot of people get off on the 9th Ave station.
  15. The Concourse Line was supposed to be extended that's why there is that weird turn to 205th st. Concourse Line Extension: From 205th and Bainbridge, along Burke Avenue to Boston Road, and then along Boston Road approx 2 miles to Baychester Avenue, 2 tracks. This would thus be an east-west Bronx line heading in the direction of today's Co-op City, and would include a transfer with the White Plains Road line at Burke Avenue.
  16. I was stuck on a PATH train with some PATH and NYC Subway personal and I was talking with them. They said that after the Montague Street Tunnel ( train) is reopened, they dont know if it will be on time; then the MTA will close the Cranberry Street Tunnel ( / trains) for a prolonged time. Can anyone here confirm or deny that. And let the service change speculation begin. My take: train in two sections: 168th Street to Fulton and Hoyt to Euclid. train via Rutgers Tunnel from Jay Street to Broadway-Lafayette and then to West 4th Upper Level.
  17. I passed through Lex-63st last weekend on both levels, the seperation wall is thorn down and there is construction walls up, for the connection to the Second Ave Subway, I dont know a time frame, does the construction finish right before Second Ave Subway go into service. As I saw that station will be under construction for a long time,
  18. I have Express bus metro card with money on it. The money is for PATH trains. Works normally and well expect the refill part
  19. Is there a way to have a 7-day Express Bus Metrocard to be refilled automatically every 7 days, when one period expires or is about to expire. So that people do not have to go on Sundays to refill the metrocard for the next work week. Most express bus riders do not go to a train station.
  20. There is a Metro-North, New Jersey Transit and Amtrak sections. How about a PATH section??
  21. I live right on X28 route. There is no point of running the bus on the weekends regularly. The West End line is rebuilt and I expect the to be sent over the West End line during Weekend as the Sea Beach line is going to be rebuilt. For those thinking about the Dyker Highs region with no train service, I point to the X17 stop at 86th St and I-278, to get to there people can use the B1. No point
  22. What happened to the R143s? Thats a huge drop.
  23. Why does the WTC Path station have 3 platforms(1 unused)? And why does the WTC-NWK use only one track while WTC-HOB used two tracks??
  24. So the local 7 train can not be converted to an express 7 train when using R188s, or visa vera? The R62s were able to be converted back and fourth. Will this create a problem?
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