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  1. Yea this guy Hernandez had me driving for about two and a half hours, and two others only drove for about a half hour. Wrote down my only two mistakes meanwhile others did twice as much mistakes in less than half the time so im hoping he chokes on a chicken bone. That guy is just a d*ck. hopefully i get someone who is fair.
  2. The only thing about manhattan is that there are some tricky traffic lights...
  3. I gotta go to day 9 for directional signals when switching lanes once, and one wide turn out of like 30. So Hernandez could kiss my ass.
  4. I gotta go to day 9...im glad i get a new instructor.
  5. I kno these instructors read the forums...i train outta flatbush. Gotta have a perfect day 6 to even entertain the idea of qualifying on 7...(one tear slowly rolls down my cheek).
  6. Got my day 5 on monday and for anybody that is going to be called, be prepared to get yelled at especially if you have your CDL already. Im just trying to improve everyday, scanning my mirrors, and covering my right side.
  7. First day on mta bus and i didnt do that bad. Did the whole ALSAPS thing. Almost ran over a curb though. I gotta watch my right side. Its really important to set up your mirrors. If your on a narrow road dont be afraid to take more than you what you would have in a regular car. I actually learned a lot and hope to put it to use. Doing S curves tomorrow.
  8. I go to zerega for the 7/14 class. I will be posting daily whats going on and a question or two if My instructor isnt too clear?
  9. Down here today 6/24 for a medical. For the 7/14 class. U do paperwork. Pee in a cup. Ekg, blood pressure, vision, etc. list #124x
  10. Any news? That sucks. First it was a 6 months notice. Then July, and now Sept. Next stop Jan 2015..smh.
  11. Went down there for the 2nd time to do my first DT. Because the first time I went my paperwork wasnt all there. But my friend who was down there with me and is a list # away did her 2nd DT and she starts training 6/29. Im #124x
  12. We should be getting our score within a month or so..
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