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  1. He is done until he presents his next idea on how to avoid old N trains or have them removed from the N.
  2. One section on the express is planned for before the end of March.
  3. There is nothing wrong with the welds, it is just that the collision pillars on some cars are not based on updated specifications. Relax.
  4. Fully retiring the R32s is doable but will reduce spare factors.
  5. They will run where the MTA wants them to run.
  6. No, you will see nothing as you are unconscious. Mod Note: The comment this was a reply to was deleted. Click here or scroll down for the reason why it was deleted. -Deucey
  7. There is a proposed assignment plan assuming all R32s are retired and others assuming not all are so anything is possible.
  8. The R179s run well on the J and Z. Only the ones on the A and C have issues. So the R42s are excess now.
  9. Transit Tech is sponsoring a school field trip for the train, good luck everybody else.
  10. That says when they are being delivered.
  11. No, because all 318 cars have been delivered, and the total is not 336.
  12. That does not matter as R179s have been tested over there with no issues.
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