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  1. One R33S was already taken out of service because of the R42s.
  2. The fact that R42 conductor boards are still at J and Z stations.
  3. Broken link bar pins from manufacturer of link bar, which is not a Bombardier-specific flaw.
  4. The same splitting incident could have happened to a R142, which is a very reliable railcar numbers-wise.
  5. It's very expensive to maintain active but antiquated subway cars.
  6. Imagine being so much of a nutjob that you hypocritically call other nutjobs out.
  7. The R32 train in 2014 never went though the tunnel because it was still under construction. It went over the bridge.
  8. 88 R179s replaced 88 cars directly, 85 R179s replaced 85 cars indirectly.
  9. Yes, some employees leaked documents to trainheads.
  10. Subway cars discussions in general got some people exuding minuscule behavior.
  11. 12 more R32s put into work service.
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