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  1. I had a similar decision to make back in June. My list number is in the low 200s for Train Operator and I'm currently a Bus Operator. I received a Pre-employment letter from DSNY around the same time I got my Pre-O letter for Train Operator. I decided to put off the T/O position and pursue Sanitation because it's my number one choice. I missed out on a class this year by about a hundred list numbers and will have to wait until next summer. Still don't regret declining the T/O position because if it doesn't work out with DSNY next year or I end up hating the job, I can always reinstate my list number and take the T/O position. It was a difficult decision to make because I knew I was giving up seniority as a T/O but ultimately I decided to pursue the job I wanted the most.
  2. Anyone have the number for Livingston?
  3. 07/09 is the class. 06/05 I go for medical
  4. Got my medical email for 07/09 class. Scheduled for 06/05. Went to preorientation on 05/15 list number 21X.
  5. 5/15 preorientation list # 2XX no medical email yet
  6. Usually a failed drug test or lying on your paperwork.
  7. For the medical they will send you an email. Make sure you check your spam folder. Don't know what they do if you don't get selected. I'd imagine you would get a letter in the mail explaining why you weren't chosen. Not sure though.
  8. They will not force you to start if you go to orientation. Orientation is only day 1 and the first step of the hiring process which is paperwork, drug test, and giving you the 21 page booklet to take home and fill out. You still have to do day 2 at Livingston which is more paperwork the medical, returning the 21 page booklet from day 1, and taking a photo for your employee pass. It's on this day, after you pass the medical, they will offer you a class to start. They don't force you into a class. They work with you and will let you know what classes are available. I'm currently a Bus Operator and the process was the same when I was hired. I was at Livingston for Train Operator on May 15th. Waiting for the email to come in for the medical.
  9. Got my letter today. Report to 180 Livingston on Tuesday May 15th with a list number of 21X. Had two answers wrong according to my candidate record of answers. I'm currently a Bus Operator with the MTA going on two years. Was really starting to get comfortable as a B/O after making it through probation and getting better work as I gain more seniority. Tough decision to make over the next few days. Anyone else here currently working for the MTA in another department considering the Train operator position?
  10. I trained with Evans on the Nova as well but Nova training comes after you qualify. You can't compare RTS,Nova,Flyer training with the 10 day qualifications. Classmate of mine hated her during the qualification because she's the military type who's always yelling at you for your mistakes. After you qualify and your on the bus with classmates, it's funny when the Superintendent is getting at you because you're already in, so there's nothing on the line. I like Evans too because it was all fun and games on the Nova, but I would not want her for my 7 day training.
  11. Congrats to you and welcome to Staten Island. Did all the new people get forced over or did they pick? That's a lot for one class so I'm guessing they were forced.
  12. Proposed answers keys are posted: http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/proposed_answerkey.htm
  13. Anyone know if the days off you take from built up OTO counts towards your probation or do you have to make up those days?
  14. Yukon definitely has better local routes but I love the atmosphere at Castleton. Yukon is mostly Express and I'm not sure if that's what I want to do yet. I have to experience it on my own but people seem to either love it or hate it. How do you feel about express, Sergio? Have you done it on your own yet? Also, did you pick Yukon or were you forced there like my class?

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