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  1. Its only a practical exam....you take apart a valve and complete some electrical circuits...THE MAIN THING IS THAT YOU FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. The instructors will fail you if you go beyond what is required...BTW.....DID I MENTION :FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!
  2. It seems to me like if alot of new hires are just plain lazy and don't want to work. Their excuses are they are not able to pick up 25 lbs or more and are not mechanically qualified to hold tools in their hands. Why does MTA hire such losers and what can they do about it? I'm just tired of the nonsense that goes on it the barns where the seniors bust their asses to get work done and the new hires are just standing around watching.....
  3. This seems to be a dead subject here......
  4. They are gonna ask you for all you work details from right after high school.....THEY WILL CALL AND ASK!! Even if you got fired, they want to know!!
  5. It's not that we (I) cant help you, everybody's situation is different from other's. if you dont do drugs, drink excessively, have a mechanical background, dont have a criminal record, and youre scheduled for an interview, you should have no problem. So chill out and go along for the ride!
  6. Yes....was hired immediately after the doctors cleared me.....the job is good, but hate the traveling....
  7. Yeah, don't give up . Fortunately for me, I took the exam in May and way hired in 8 months time. Go for what you feel you can accomplish. NEVER GIVE UP!! LIKE HARRY SAID>YOU HAVE TO TRY AGAIN>LOTS OF LUCK!
  8. I really cant answer that...I know guys that got hired and still cant pass the practical and they been working for 2/3 years already....
  9. I I had a choice for the Feb 10th class or the 24th class...so, I chose the Monday class since it was just a couple of days away.. I was hired for the provisional position.
  11. What do they do in the medical section of the hiring process? How long will they take for the process before you will know if you're hired or not?? Since I am going for the provisional position for now, will they notify me much faster than the permanent position? Thanks for all your input!
  12. So, I went to 180 Livingston today...took another piss test because it is only good for 90 days, found out that the next car inspector class begins February 24...hopefully, I'll make it!
  13. Ok, I took the practical exam, it was'nt easy cause you had a timer right next to you ticking away....the three circuits that was on the test was definitely the hardest out of the the three sections! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE WORK TABLE. TRY NOT TO GO AHEAD OF YOURSELF. FOLLOW EVERY DETAIL STEP BY STEP AND YOU'LL DO OK. WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLASSES AT ALL TIMES! GOOD LUCK!
  14. I also have less that 10 wrong on the written, havnt received any call backs for appointments, just a letter for the practical exam in January.....according to HR, they were only hiring 31 provisional candidates for December's class and all the seats have been filled...(last hired was list # 66).
  15. So, I called HR today, found out that the last list number that was hired was 66 for this December's class. There are no classes scheduled for anytime soon or thats what they're telling me. Oh well, off to take the practical exam for January and hopefully I'll skip the provisional hiring instead. It's gonna be a looooooong wait!
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