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  1. junjun441

    Bee Line Stop Balancing on Route 13

    I completely agree but I think they did that because of two reasons Northbound traffic is mainly for Westchester residents The Cross County stop is a quicker entry and exit going Northbound than Southbound. As you know, the Southbound loop is in and out of the mall extremely long. The only thing I do not know is, how the route is in White Plains in both directions.
  2. The 21 only runs on weekdays during morning and evening rush hour. In the evening the 21 only runs southbound and the 20X runs northbound.
  3. I hear you mimicking the kickback in the first video... sometime I do it myself when I hear it LOL 😄.
  4. junjun441

    Look what I caught to work this morning :)

    I caught it today labeled BxM18 at 7:15 am. Just sitting there on 35th and 5th.
  5. junjun441

    Bee-Line to buy 33 new articulated buses

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! Living in Yonkers for only 6 years and having to take the bus every day for the first 3 years living here, I dreaded the currnt artics. Finally a change!
  6. junjun441

    23, 8504 and 9503

    Nice shots!! Busy day for you!
  7. junjun441


    Damn... GH gets everything. No love for KB.
  8. Also the main problem with artics is how they swing out from the rear. I’ve seen a lot livery cab drivers have accidents that way... especially on the Bx9 225th street and Broadway NE corner.
  9. Great pictures and a great surprise! Sorry for my ignorance, but what safety issues are ongoing with SBS Bx6?
  10. junjun441

    We Have A Few

    Great stuff! Wish you all the best in your studies.
  11. junjun441

    Here's Some Buses, next

    The sixth one down looking at 0012. Great shot/focus!
  12. junjun441

    Privates and More, Part 1

    Wow... I used to take the 11C on Saturday’s at 7:20 AM to Nanuet Mall with my mother. Times have changed.
  13. junjun441

    Cuomo-Schemed LFSAs and Various Shuttle Bus Action

    Oh what?? Bx41 went to Gun-Hill? I was excited to see the new Cuomo LFSA thinking it was for Kingsbridge. Either way nice videos!
  14. junjun441

    Privates and More, Part 1

    Nice pictures! I haven’t taken the 11C in years! It’s no longer Red & Tan Lines?
  15. junjun441

    Recent Catches

    R179 train??? So the gets no love. Jeez. Great pics!


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