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  1. junjun441

    Here's Some Buses, next

    The sixth one down looking at 0012. Great shot/focus!
  2. junjun441

    Privates and More, Part 1

    Wow... I used to take the 11C on Saturday’s at 7:20 AM to Nanuet Mall with my mother. Times have changed.
  3. junjun441

    Cuomo-Schemed LFSAs and Various Shuttle Bus Action

    Oh what?? Bx41 went to Gun-Hill? I was excited to see the new Cuomo LFSA thinking it was for Kingsbridge. Either way nice videos!
  4. junjun441

    Privates and More, Part 1

    Nice pictures! I haven’t taken the 11C in years! It’s no longer Red & Tan Lines?
  5. junjun441

    Recent Catches

    R179 train??? So the gets no love. Jeez. Great pics!
  6. junjun441

    R160 efWING Truck Test Train

    Wow! Red? Couldn’t tell but does it sound any different?
  7. .... uh... yeah. Didn’t look available to me! LOL 😄
  8. junjun441

    A winter in B/W

    ... wow...
  9. junjun441

    Keeping that Same Energy

    Actually... I just saw it today at 5:20PM at 59th Street, going to Lefferts again... same time as last week. I’m wondering if this is the same set (couldn’t see the numbers). Also wondering if they are planning on retiring it.
  10. junjun441

    What in Tarnation?

    Yeah...? I thought B44 uses Artics only. But good catch!
  11. junjun441

    Keeping that Same Energy

    I have. Four times in the last two weeks actually. Going to Lefferts.
  12. junjun441

    Favorite End of the Line

    It is worth it! A much elevated view than 145th St (even though Riverside Park is also a great view) but the sunset is breathtaking.
  13. junjun441

    Subway B/W

    Oh wow! These are great!!!
  14. junjun441

    Favorite End of the Line

    Bx 6 on Riverside Drive. Great view of NJ and GWB and nice Condos close by!
  15. Always “train traffic ahead”. Didn’t your parents teach you not to lie? LOL 😄 great picture!


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