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  1. The sunset shot of the R46 is amazing! Great pics!
  2. Looks like it jerked around a lot but I get it. Great video!
  3. I just checked the weekender. It looks like the will be running via CPW again! It mainly has to do with the // trains not running at all. The is diverted to Lex AVE line. The terminates at 137th street. The does not run at all. It’s good to see the gets some help in the weekend.
  4. There was massive weekend service changes, this weekend.
  5. You were mentioning Black people in your title? Need clarification.
  6. Did I just see 175MPH on the digital signage screen???? Check out the last few seconds of that clip.
  7. I’ve rode the north bound going express a few years ago. It terminated on 125th street. I believe there were switch problems before 50th street. Nice ride, so I can’t wait for MORE R179s on the . Greatly needs it. Nice video!
  8. If anyone is interested, I saw a 10-Car R179 Lefferts BLVD bound train leaving 125th street at 4:53 PM. Next stop is 59th street. It’s Probably 3010-3019 set.
  9. I’m going to miss these. Life moves on.
  10. I was trying to figure out the name of that “winding” sound but “Howling” makes sense. This sound you captured is new. Never heard it that way before. Might need a repair soon?
  11. Not only that. It’s way off course! Double wow for me!
  12. .... this is going to be a long 3+ years SMH. Great video!
  13. Caught the dude randomly dancing on 14th Street..... always something going on underground. SMH. Either way, great video!
  14. I think I’ve learned a lot from these photos/descriptions... these are great shots! Thanks for the info!
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