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  1. Great pictures! I am curious as to why there is a R160 train at 145th street.
  2. I’ve been following all your videos on YouTube! Awesome captures especially the Avelia.
  3. Great pics! A lot of folks were very confused with the / switch around in MN and BK but it's understandable (I suppose).
  4. This may be the only time I have ever heard a Wyclef reference. LOL.
  5. Definitely remembered 8850 when it was on KB years before it touched Brooklyn grounds. Riding it on the Bx10 to go to school and back home. Great ride and took off great!
  6. Great catch! I’m wondering why it’s being transferred.
  7. I miss these. A smoother ride than the R46s. It’s too bad the structure was not lasting. Great video!
  8. Amazing photos! Very professional!
  9. Love the wide angle shots. Knock out two birds with one stone.
  10. The sunset shot of the R46 is amazing! Great pics!
  11. Looks like it jerked around a lot but I get it. Great video!
  12. I just checked the weekender. It looks like the will be running via CPW again! It mainly has to do with the // trains not running at all. The is diverted to Lex AVE line. The terminates at 137th street. The does not run at all. It’s good to see the gets some help in the weekend.
  13. There was massive weekend service changes, this weekend.

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