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  1. There was massive weekend service changes, this weekend.
  2. You were mentioning Black people in your title? Need clarification.
  3. Did I just see 175MPH on the digital signage screen???? Check out the last few seconds of that clip.
  4. I’ve rode the north bound going express a few years ago. It terminated on 125th street. I believe there were switch problems before 50th street. Nice ride, so I can’t wait for MORE R179s on the . Greatly needs it. Nice video!
  5. If anyone is interested, I saw a 10-Car R179 Lefferts BLVD bound train leaving 125th street at 4:53 PM. Next stop is 59th street. It’s Probably 3010-3019 set.
  6. I’m going to miss these. Life moves on.
  7. I was trying to figure out the name of that “winding” sound but “Howling” makes sense. This sound you captured is new. Never heard it that way before. Might need a repair soon?
  8. Not only that. It’s way off course! Double wow for me!
  9. .... this is going to be a long 3+ years SMH. Great video!
  10. Caught the dude randomly dancing on 14th Street..... always something going on underground. SMH. Either way, great video!
  11. I think I’ve learned a lot from these photos/descriptions... these are great shots! Thanks for the info!

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