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Status Updates posted by Missabassie

  1. New camera: Sony HX80

  2. The bus spot of the year (for me) at Lexington/125.

  3. It'd be nice if we could get some Citaros here in 'Murica.

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      That's what the NGs are really.

    2. ttcsubwayfan


      I've never liked the standard Citaro end cap all that much. I feel like the BRT version, the CapaCity, looks a lot nicer.

  4. The MTA has forgotten how to spec buses. Perhaps I can take over as procurement officer and show them how it's done. -_-

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      If only it were that easy lol.

    2. Missabassie


      If only indeed, ha ha.

  5. Urk... that #PuppyMonkeyBaby creeps me the hell out...

  6. Where am I?... Who... am I.....? I AM THE WALRUS!!!!

  7. Gah, this sickening trend of pumpkin spice begins... KILL IT!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

  8. Hot Town Summer In the City Back o' Mah Neck Get'n Dirt'n Gritteh

  9. I guess was meant to roam this world forever unsatisfied. An endless search for something to satiate the hunger within my soul. ....or is it the gaping void within my soul?

    1. 4P3607


      This could work as some great poetry here...

      Become a poet then :P

    2. 161 New York

      161 New York

      Agreed with /|\ :)


  10. Ahh July 4th... nothing lice celebrating Independence day like busting out some illegal fireworks. Dagnard things sound like gunshots.

    1. Lance


      For freedom.

  11. Please stop with this "megs" and "gigs" crap, and just say megabytes, and gigabytes and be done with it, geez!

  12. Ugh life's a beach. A big, hot, snarling, sharp-toothed hairy.... I mean, sandy, ummmm, beach... with seashells, n liquor bottles, n crabs, and JELLYFISH!! Yep. You hear me?? LIFE IS A B****!!

  13. I think i'm hooked on s'bux s'mores frappucino.... damn its impossibly delicious.

  14. Man, I've not been here in forever.......

  15. Ben, Jerry, you guys are crazy... Speculoos cookie butter core...?? The stuff wasn't bad though.

  16. Wait'n on my new kicks... (Vintage green shox) I jus' hope like hell they're real. The perils of ordering online...

    1. peacemak3r


      Price usually determines the legitimacy. Oh how I'm glad I'm out the shoe game.

  17. Whelp, Fall's almost here,,, summer, we hardly knew ye...

  18. mmmm macarons.... dainty sweel little macarons, where have u been all my life... Now MAYBE i can forget about crumbs. NOT.

  19. mmmm macarons.... dainty sweel little macarons, where have u been all my life... Now MAYBE i can forget about crumbs. NOT.

  20. Well, 2014 is officially half over... where will we be in 2015? Who knows... On another note, tapatalk has been sucking rather bad lately. I can't quote for some reason.... -smh-

  21. Wellp... 2014 is officially half over. Where will we be in 2015? who knows...

  22. Finally playing Quake Wars again... This game ROCKS!!

  23. mmm ben & jerry's... sooo gooood...

    1. 4P3607


      Chocolate core

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