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  1. I have a question in regards to flagging for the track worker that already are on the job. While youre doing flagging training if you fail, thats it you get terminated.
  2. 2 days of orientation done tomorrow we start the training classes. Mta is doing a mass hirring about 500 track worker. So for those that waiting hang in tight ya shoulld be getting a call soon or emailed
  3. VA Slim thank you for the info very helpful
  4. Va slim hows training going do they give exams
  5. Just show up cuz when i went for final process there were some guys that were place on med hold some got lucky and were abl to proceed with the final process the same day for conductor
  6. Finally made it into the the November class... any suggestions on hows training and how many exams you have to pass for those that already experience training class
  7. Guys make sure you guys call i was with a guy hes in the lower 1700 and they screw up his ss# so they didnt email him cuz they had no drug test. that place is a mess!!!!!!
  8. Well guys was there for a total of 5hrs medical done and the second drugs test done same story well send you an email
  9. So far finished the medical process and now going for the second drug test
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