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  1. All crosstown buses should be free since most people are transferring from other routes and/or the subway On 125th Street Westbound the M60 and the Eastbound the M100 Bus Stops would be at different locations from paid M101/M100/M60/Bx15 M116 Bus Stops would be different from M102/7/3 On 57th Street Westbound M31 Eastbound M57 Bus Stops would be at different locations from M31/57 paid There would be an M14B From Abingdon Sq (M14A Terminal) to 10th St and Ave D (M8 Terminal)
  2. Also the next station [northbound] is also a cross platform express station. Make 51st Street [Lexington] an express station, make Grand Central like Penn and Atlantic.
  3. In addition part of the the is on LIRR [retrofitted for subway] Tracks.
  4. The MTA should do the following: Have Trains serve Far Rockaway at all times (Rush Hour Service to Rockaway Park) Have Trains serve Lefferts Boulevard at all times (Late Night service from Euclid Ave) Full Length (600 ft) Trains Train Service till 1:00 am Other Late Night Changes: Express from 145th Street to Chambers Street, Local along Central Park West, remain Local along 8th Ave
  5. the word "photo" was in there, he should read before buying.
  6. it would make sense to connect it the queens boulevard line (as a subway), and extend the line along junction blvd to LaGuardia Airport.
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