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  1. Nycpips which depot are you line training at?
  2. Good luck tomorrow nycpips!!! Still waiting for my date..
  3. Any one took the road test from the 2/10 class how was it?
  4. On day 8 I was sitting in the front of the RTS, and day 9 I was sitting right opposite the back doors..
  5. Fellas that had to take the road test how was it? And what should we expect from these DMV guys?
  6. Omg do we have training tomorrow with all this snow?
  7. nycpips I had sharrocks today!!!! Lol I have superintendent Doyle.. Any one had him or heard of him?
  8. So basically even if your light is green but the other light is flashing for pedestrians to stop crossing, you must still stop?
  9. @wannabeMTA12 how exactly did you screw up on days 2 and 5? What did you do?
  10. Congrats guys!!! Question guys who passed training is it possible to make one or two errors during days 4-7 and still qualify?
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