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  1. leaniel3209

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    The night before i went downfor urine test i took unisom to be able to sleep to wake up early and take that 2 hr drive from pa , now i dont know if that comes out positive on drug test , any here knows more less , i mean these they sell at walgreens and local pharmacy you dont need a prescription its an over the counter , any help or thoughts ?
  2. leaniel3209

    I Have Insomnia...

    Hey guys i got my drug test done but night before i drank a unisom to fall asleep since i had to wake up early and be in livingston , does that comes out on irine test?
  3. leaniel3209

    I Have Insomnia...

    Does unisom comes out on urine test?
  4. leaniel3209

    Premployment Drug Test

    Hi , i went down to livingston for urine test on aug 14th but night before i took unisom which are to sleep better which they sell at walgreens and cvs pharmacy dont need a prescription , does any one have an idea if that comes out on drug test
  5. leaniel3209

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Ok kool , so you get to choose depo ? If i get hited im thinking of choosing kingsbridge depo in bx , but im still waiting for that email from mta , so how you like the job
  6. leaniel3209

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    @GJb so you went through this already?
  7. leaniel3209

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    I have all my depositions and are stamped seal , but i just dont want to risk it
  8. leaniel3209

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Hey peoples went to livingston today did urine test and got brown packet , now need to wait , what does that brown packet consist off , there are some tricky questions like you dont need to disclose any convictions that are sealed but then again they ask if you had any convictions , tricky
  9. leaniel3209

    New bie bus operator

    I got my brown packet already did urine test , the broen packet it has a form of cpd-b and dcas form anyone knows what are these forms
  10. leaniel3209

    New bie bus operator

    Do i need to disclose any criminal record or violation thats sealed
  11. leaniel3209

    New bie bus operator

    Well i called every employer and got the dates lol , cause i called social security and they said to call irs to get w2s and thats a headache xalling irs now need to get myself to get a blue ballpoint pen to fill this out , and going straight fown to livingston tomorrow , have to wake up early since its a long drive from pennsylvannia , thanks for your help in answering questions
  12. leaniel3209

    New bie bus operator

    Any help on this one?
  13. leaniel3209

    New bie bus operator

    I printed oyt full history , i mean how far back they look at your driving record
  14. leaniel3209

    New bie bus operator

    One other question mta request that you go online and get your driving abstract how many years of abstract driving history ?
  15. leaniel3209

    New bie bus operator

    Ohh ok , i did an acct in social security on line but dont give me access to work history , but if i go to social security administration are they able to give me the paperwork right there , cause i have a dead line till this friday the 17th to go to livingston in brooklyn being there at 730 , look im 42 yrs old , all i need to put on the work history is the last 10 yrs then , cause its no way im going to remember no one would


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