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  1. Yup got that right , they did the protest to questions and the ones i had wrong turned to be right , atleast im on the list its some hope there ill say that exam will get extended to 2024 ,but there is still hopes
  2. I received a letter from mta that im on the list on the 3thousand numbers , after i received the answer key which i had failed , it looks like the argue about the answers help me out , atleast im on the list
  3. Since yesterday was a protest when will the final answer key be posted on mta info website?
  4. When will mta post the final answer key
  5. With 20 wrong do you still pass the civil service test?
  6. @mattfuture conductor whats residency points
  7. Not the proposed , im talking about the one people protest and they get changed how would i know when is the date to check again
  8. When Will i know about the protest for exam number 9604 , want to know if there was any changes on the answers?
  9. Mta does it to disqualify people , its like taking peoples money , i mesn what can i say is the city of ny
  10. But dont know why they give it to bus operators
  11. They shouldnt be giving that survey specially with memory thats good for a police test its ridiculous , so if you score high on written test and failed boss stupid test then what?
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