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  1. Congrats MrCka. Are you in the A or B div ? Best of luck to you.
  2. As always SUBWAYGUY is the freakin man !!!
  3. Just curious, I called the IVR and checked my "sick leave status" and it says "You are only on the 30% list". I never called out sick, not even once. What does that mean ? Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone here !
  4. As always thanks a million SubwayGuy !!
  5. Quick question on AVAs. Lets just say you request Monday off 20 days in advance and your RDOS are Tues/Wed. You are granted that Monday off. Then just so happened on that particular week the crew office changes your RDOs to Mon/Tues. What happens to your AVA ? Can you re save it ? Or are you out of luck and they just pay you the 8 hrs extra on your check ?
  6. Kind of off topic but which health insurance did everyone choose ? BCBS Basic or High Plan or United Healthcare ? I was comparing the BCBS basic/high plan and its exactly identical except with the high plan you have 365 days of Hospital service instead of 120 with the basic. I was thinking of switching plans because it seems like I am paying $13.17 bi weekly for nothing really more beneficial.
  7. Good job WestEndMan !! I know you could do it !
  8. Congrats on passing the signal test HopefulTO !! Hope that you will have continue success !
  9. Mediccjh, thanks man ! No, I was not your student but you probably got someone I know. Though, it would have been cool to be your student !! Westendman, good luck with everything, feel free to ask me anything. I am here to help like how others were here to help me !
  10. Thanks RTOMan, its guys like you that has really helped a newbie out like me ! WestEndMan, I am in the B div. You seem to have a great attitude towards the job, keep it up. At times Schoolcar might seem overwhelming and nerve racking but if you study everyday like how the vets on here preaches it should all work out smoothly. Hit me up on PM if you want to ask me any questions about schoolcar because its fresh in my mind. Andrew, thanks man !! And thanks for that tip. I always ask questions. Although unfortunately sometimes people try to make you feel stupid for asking questions you truly don't know. They expect me to know a move that I never done before. Hope everything is going good for you ?
  11. I finally passed Schoolcar. I am officially a Train Operator. I want to thank this forum and the many people that have helped me along the way and hope that they will continue to offer their advice. I want to thank RTOPRO, RTOMan, PATCOman, Etrain, Beneka, Cybeatsul, BrianRichards, Dandre and last but certainly not least a big shout out to SUBWAYGUY. My apologies if I missed anyone I am going off memory. It will be a new experience from this point on now since I will be on my own. . I can't wait !
  12. Congrats to everyone who just started schoolcar. It was just a few short months ago that I was in your shoes so I know exactly what you guys are feeling. One thing that has helped me a lot was to take good notes. I write down everything that is important that comes out my instructors mouths. Even if they do not write it on the board I still write it down. I speed write. They, atleast my instructors explained things in layman terms which will make it easier to understand than reading from the book. In other words, reading your notes on how they teach it will make it much easier to understand what the book is saying, atleast it did for me. As you guys know already this forum has great senior vets who take their time to help out newbies (like me and you) which I know they don't have to but they do ! Much props to you guys again!
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