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  1. can any one tell me what list number they have been calling from?????? I don't want to be skipped like what happened to other perspective drivers. today is 5/25/14. I am in the 1600's...........are they up to 1300s or 1400s...........??? I would really appreciate any input
  2. Would you happen to know what list number the MTA is currently calling from ? I heard 1300's but I am not sure...............???
  3. Does anyone know what list number the MTA is calling now. I heard 1300's but I am not sure............I would appreciate any info
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew what list number the MTA is up to with exam 2613 ? I heard 1300s but perhaps that info is wrong ..................anyone know?
  6. Anyone know what depots are near the nassau queens border I should choose from to travel to. I live in suffolk. I am used to driving to to Rockville Centre. I also want a depot near the LIRR in case my car isnt working or bad weather. Help
  7. What depots should I be looking at along the queens to nassau border. I live in suffolk. I am used to driving to Rockville Centre every morning. What depot would be close to that town or near the LIRR in case I couldn't use my car? This would be for NYC TRANSIT ONLY
  8. People asked me, what about women on the job since I spoke about the men. In short you will be on probation for a year. This means limit your driving. No overtime driving, do back up instead. This is backing buses in terminals or else wear. You will be on foot and not behind the wheel. Watch your schedules dont run hot. If your late, dont get flustered. You wont get any violations on that for being behind schedule, but if you leave early they will wollop you with a violation. This could result in a suspension. Right now while on probation you are vournerable to land mines. After probation you will have the union to protect you. Understand that while you drive your bus even years down the road incidents and accidents will occur. Dont get on yourself for that it will be part of your job. Heres a free gift, the MTA calculates sick time as incidents within a calender year. Not from January to December, but from the first day in a month to the 12 month. For example if you call in sick in March of 2013 a year is March of 2014. I am really feeding everyone new a dog treat. Three incidents and you will be called in the office, but if you use 1 or more consecutive sick days back to back that is considered one incident. Oh and they dont like when you add a sick day to your regular day off. Just get through your probation, this the main thing
  9. I dont want to burst anyones bubble on the excitement of wearing that blue shirt with the letters MTA logo on the right shoulder with a gleaming silver badge basking in the air saying now I got a good job. The reality guys and girls is when your finally out on your own and on probation you will really have to watch your ass with the MTA supervisors. They will be pushing your buttons watching your every move out there. Writting you violations for running HOT and or not checking your bus the proper way. Check your wheel chairs every morning, Dont get lazy on that. They may set you up with a bus knowing full well that things arent working then write you up later. Keep in mind they may meet you out on the route from time to time on a passenger complaint. Hold your kool. Dont get flustered and always answer that you dont have knowledge on the incident even if you do ? Most of all stay away from the ladies guys because like a river they will be coming on board very friendly looking at your MTA logo backwards as ATM. If you limit your conversations with the chicks and the passengers you will make it through and avoid most of the trouble that comes with this job you chose. Be ready to work crazy shifts on crappy routes in bad neighborhoods. Routes that the senior drivers dont want. Good Luck newbeees !
  10. took the MTA NYC test this January. Passed test could be called next year of 2014? When you get appointed, can anyone explain what is the process after that? I know there is Training on the bus, but are they telling you or are they giving you options on what garage you will be in ? Or will the process include being a floater from depot to depot till your able to pick what garage you will be in? I would think that the training you do will have to be in the one depot they send you to ........................I live in Suffolk
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