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  1. Quick question. ..they are going to be hiring off the promotional list first...I heard the promotion list is made up of Bus Operators who take the Train Operator exam..is this true? Also would the 5 year work requirement still stand if taking a promotional? Currently on Bus Operator 4600 hiring list. ...will be interested taking the promotional next time around if true.
  2. How disappointing. Looks like I wont be qualified. What a disappointment this morning, was really looking forward to taking this test...I did not know it required such qualifications before hand...ugh. moving on...:'(
  3. Wow, UNBELIEVABLE! Ive been waiting for months for this Train Operator exam, now I findout it requires 5 years of work experience?? I dont have 5 years or anything really close to it...does this mean I am offically out the running for this job? If so, anyway around it?
  4. Thank you good sir, always there for us with accurate and excellent info. Much appreciated, Young.
  5. About to apply to Red Hook On the Road for this CDL!! Excited! I wonder if they will know exactly the endorsements I will need because i am still confused by it... any tips before I apply? Also, any updates with 4600? I know 200 letters to the first few got sent out awhile back. Goodluck to all, cheers. list #31**
  6. Forgot to mention!! I took a NYC Corrections Officer exam a few weeks ago, I am actually very I interested in taking that job when they call me...the OT in Corrections is ridiculous and I am sorry guys id rather get in on it lol. question, if by the time they reach my list number (low 3000s) and I am not ready to take the job, is it possible to put my spot on hold and take the job in the future?
  7. Hey guys, sorry if I am behind on the news, but whats going on with 4600? I heard they've sent on letters to the first 300 candidates? I am list 3000, havent persued my CDL yet...
  8. Goodluck to all you, things are finally starting to move for 4600. so just to reiterate, while we wait to be called it would be wise to gather any documents needed to start the hiring process. Since this is my first time dealing with the civil service hiring process, what kind of documents will be needed? Also, starting my CDL process now, will probably choose Ferrari school in RedHook... Goodluck all!
  9. Thanks for taking the time to answer everyones eager questions!!
  10. Thank you for the reply Young, have people in past BO exams been hired with list numbers in the 3000s aswell? I am not sure how far MTA usually goes into lists, I know DSNY is highly competitive and they usually call about 4000... I guess I am not completely confident in my list number of 31xx...I should definitely expect to be called or am I in a "wait and see" crowd?
  11. Just got my letter...list number 31××...is this good enough guys? Says I scored a 93.3...good enough to get called??
  12. Any news on 4600? Around December and January is the estimated time we were suppose to hear back. This is pretty bad. We took the exam more than 2 years ago, and with still no results or any notice. There are going ti be alot of angry people who waited for 2 years only to be given a bad test result/list number.
  13. Hmm curious if you stay with the route you are assigned everyday? Obviously somedays youll have to take on different routes, but the majority of the time do you stay with you 1 assigned route most of your career? I remember riding the bus to school as a teenager, id see the same Bus Operators consistantly everyday.
  14. Also, the option is always there to go out on your own time and really learn the routes. I plan on going out on my free time (days off) and really learning the routes with my personal car for a few months. This way the job can become more of a joy then stressful.
  15. Hockeyplayer9, excellent helpful post thank you!!! Pretty much answered my questions! How are you liking your time on the job thus far? Finding it easy to do, stressful? Also is it a 5 days a week job and what do the shifts look like (8 to 4, 4 to 12 etc etc)....Thanks!!! Cant wait to get results already.
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