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  1. Well said Bkln the majority of instructors are fat outta shape scumbags who have no lives don't let them scumbags stop you man up cry babies
  2. i doubt he really wants the job lucky bastard just retired from local 79 after 22 years and has over 300 thousand in his annuity he said he wants the job just to get out and keep busy lol
  3. Maybe someone can help my cousin recieved his letter and paperwork to report to 180 Livingston but he will be on vacation so he declined the date and sent the letter back because he will be on vacation when will they call him back to report to 180 Livingston he stated on the paper he will be on vacation
  4. Got my letter to report to Livingston on Friday what should I expect on that day ? What do they do
  5. Do urself a favor next time u see that bus driver tell him he's an idiot and has no idea what he's talking about
  6. Can someone put up the letter on this board they recieved to see what it looks like and what there asking for
  7. Does anyone know that's going the 18th what you have to bring with u
  8. I just called and got the same message
  9. When do u think they will start calling from our list
  10. Got my list number 59# when do u think they will start calling
  11. I just received the phone call and email also does this mean we passed the boss exam also
  12. Justdre try cristcdl.com I passed all 3 tests on the first try after practicing on this web site
  13. When are the rest of the candidates up for there boss exam
  14. Vin when is your boss exam what did you get on the test
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