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  1. Same here what time Monday you have to be at Jamaica depot I have to be there @ 8:30
  2. No I have Mr West he’s really soft spoken but straight forward they just sent us to finish our training at jfk depot
  3. Day 2 down in training I’m at the LGA depot. Hope all is well is been a busy week.
  4. Also congrats to all that qualified on Day 7 👏🏾👏🏾
  5. Good evening all I start my journey on Monday at Zerega any tips ?
  6. I cleared my medical was about to start final process but the dec 26 class is full so I’ll have to come back for final process. We have to take another drug test today so we are good for the Jan 8th class
  7. Question if I have no more pages for the Work history do I right it down onthe additional information page ??
  8. Ok thanks for the info can’t wait to get the wheels rolling lol
  9. Congrats @FutureBOtoTO I go down on Wednesday for medical and final process that’s the class they have me scheduled for If all goes well with medical. Do you get the confirmation the same day after the medical for the 26 class ?
  10. Thanks for the info @scar3face just been reading past post gathering more info to see what to expect for the 10 day training. I drove for poland spring in the city before so I know about watching out for all the hazardous situations in Manhattan
  11. Ok that’s exactly the way I was going to come in cause I don’t know the MTA way so I’ll be a newbie. I’m going to see if I can stay in the Bronx at the gunhill depo
  12. That’s great to hear I go down on the 13th for my physical and final process. They have me scheduled for the same class if all is well with my physical and background
  13. Are you in the Bronx depot?. I’ve been driving for over 10 years started out with greyhound
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